Cities of Indonesia: Jakarta

Jakarta (until 1949. – Batavia) – the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, located on the north-west coast of Java. This is the city of the original mixture of numerous buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries., Channels and set "National" Quarters, each of which has its own unique appearance.

One of the centers of Old Batavia is a paved Stone Square Taman Fatakhila in the Cota area, surrounded by old buildings, which go to the canal. Nearby are the historical Museum of Jakarta in the building of the former City Town Hall (1627 g), an antique gun "Si Yago", Museum of dolls and ritual accessories VAYANG, Retail Bridge Chicken Market Bridge (XVII in.), Bahari Museum from the observation tower, the vintage port of Suda-keelapa and the Chinese district of Glodak with the oldest temple of the city – Jing-Yuan (XVII V). The second recognized center of the capital is the Square of Medan Merdek (Freedom Square) with a 132-meter National Monument (Monas), the National Museum of Indonesia with unique historical and ethnological collections, the Museum of National History and the Museum of Indonesian Culture Institute.

Also worth visiting the Church of Willelma (1835 g), Museum of the Marine Cause of Indonesia, Presidential Palace, Penango Gate (1671 g), Portuguese Church (1695 g), one of the largest in Southeast Asia Mosque Ostiklal, Church of St. Mary (1630 g) , Tugu (1725 g) and St. Immanuel (1835-1839.), building of the city council (1710 g), the Palace of the Governor General (1760 g, now the National Archive), the Palace of Arts (1820 g), the everlasting shopping center "Mangadau" and bazaar "Glodok", Ultra-modern business quarters with their office and government buildings of the most modern architecture of all styles, the famous zoo "Ragunan" In the south of the city, colossal on the saturation of the exposition Park "Taman-mini" ("Mini Indonesia"), "Water Palace", Cultural and entertainment complex "Taman Ismail-Marzuki", as well as the largest and most popular recreation park Jakarta – Jay-Anlas.

Outside of the historic and business centers, the city produces a somewhat dull impression – a lot of poor areas, dirt, open waste canals, constant noise and suffocating atmosphere. So it is not recommended to delve into the outskirts of foreign quarters.

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Cities of Indonesia Jakarta

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Cities of Indonesia Jakarta

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