Cities of India: Varanasi

For more than 2 thousand years "the eternal City" Varanasi was the religious capital of India. Built on the shrine of Sacred Ganges, this very eastern city of Uttar Pradesh has been served by a place of ritual ablutions in the waters of the sacred river, and is also a place of ritual cremation of Hindus.

Here there is a lot of sacred Buddhism sites – a stone column and Stupa Dharmarajik, ladder stupa at the place of the first divine service of the Buddha, the jay church of Serynsanth, steps ("Gati") for ablution in the waters of Ganges, the temples of Vishvanath, Annapurna and Manmandir, the Mosque of Gyanvapi (XVII in.) and Alagir, as well as one of the best museums of India – Bhavan.

Reviews and studies of trips

88 days in India. Iodhya

Audia is a solid market, beautiful shabby houses, crowds of pilgrims, many monkeys and cows of course, joyful and beggars. And we are the only white. Read more →

Only Evening | February 2013

Cities of India Varanasi

Acquaintance with India: Delhi, Agra, Varanasi

Sataying at the hotel in Varanasi, we gladly used the administrator service and ordered our excursion "Varanasi + Sarnath + Boat in Hangu + airport transfer". Read more →

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India. Varanasi

Night train from Agra in Varanasi was late for half an hour. Then another half an hour. Then for another 2 hours. As a result, the train arrived at the station in Varanasi late for only 8 hours. Read more →

Cities of India Varanasi

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