Cities of India: Kolkata (Calcutta)

The main city in the east of India – Kolkata (Calcutta) – the State Administrative Center for West Bengal and the largest city in the country, which is among the ten largest cities in the world.

In the Kolkate there is the largest national library in India (1836 g.), Memorial Museum. Queen Victoria (1921.) In a huge park, Maidan, Grozny Fort William (founded in 1696.), the richest Indian Museum, the oldest country of Calcutt University (1857 g.), wonderful botanical garden (founded in the XVIII in.) built on the site legendary "Black hole Calcutta" Post Office, Kali Temple, Mother Teresa and Headquarters of the Ramakrishna Society, Technological Museum of Birla (Kolkata is considered one of the recognized engineering centers of the country), the Government House Raj-Bhavan, the Cathedral of St. Paul, Botanical Garden, "The most loaded bridge in the world" – Console Hoyra Bridge and many other interesting objects.

In the vicinity of the city, a huge number of religious centers is concentrated, among which the famous temple of Mahabodhi Mandir, the sacred place of Jainists – Pavapuri, Histinous Place – Guy, Bo Tree in the city of Bodhghay (PC. Bihar) and Sikh temples in Patna. Also widely known is the popular resort area of ​​Darjeeling.

Reviews and studies of trips

Two days in Calcutta

Reached the metro Esplande. We are going to the complex of the jay temples. We need to drive 6 stops to Shyambazar. Still at home I made a print office to the complex, still print a picture of the temple. All this is very useful. Read more →

Cities of India Kolkata (Calcutta)

Linozka | January 2014

Kolkata. Top-7

The area in which the sculptors dwells, receives the first place for the fact that the endless rows of unfinished multiple deities that have fallen necklaces of skulls, create a unique landscape in urban alleys. Read more →

Calcutta – City over Free Hugli

The glorious city of Calcutta met me with good-natured police who refused to start a motorcyclist on the bridge over the river and showed to go to somewhere away. As a result, I moved in Hovrah (HOWRAH). Read more →

Cities of India Kolkata (Calcutta)

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