Cities of India: Delhi

Delhi (New Delhi) – a unique city. According to legends, modern New Delhi is already the eighth city in this place, and the earliest appeared long before the x millennium BC. NS.

Among the historical monuments of the capital, the famous Red Fort is especially allocated (Lal-Kila, 1639-1648.) with an extensive palace complex of the Great Mughal epoch and "Multicolored palace" Rang-Mahal, Ruins of the Ancient Monument Delhi – Temple of Bhayron, the highest tower of the country (72.5 m.) – Ensemble Kutb-Minar (Vijay Stambh, presumably 1191-1370.), Ruins of Laccot, "Old fortress" Purana Kila (Dean-Panah, 1530-1545.), Raj Hhata Palace, the oldest Observatory of Jantar-Mantar (1725 g.), Ri-Pithora ruins, Jahaz-Mahal complex ("Palace-ship", 1229-1230.), "Tower Plaka" Chor-Minar, the memorial arch of the Indian turn, the building of the former British secretariat, in which the University of Delhi is now located, the House of Garlet, the rebellion memorial 1857., The official residence of the President of the country is the Presidential Palace of Rashtrapathi-Bhavan (1931.), Column Ashka (250 g. to N. NS., height more than 12 m.) From the whole piece of sandstone, as well as one of the wonders of the world – a stainless metal column (895 g. to N. NS.) Near the mosque of the Kuvvat-Ul-Islam and others.

The city is literally saturated with the temples of all world religions, often so tightly standing towards each other, what a Buddhist stupu is seen for the minaret, and the Dome of the Christian Church contrasts with Hindu structures. The most interesting is the Sikh Temple of Cyc-Gange, Yogmayi Temple (Krishna’s sister), Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Digambar-Jain jar with a unique temple "hospital birds", The oldest Christian church of the country is the Baptist Church in Changni Chow, the Anglican Church of St. James (1836 g.), the main Tibetan temple of the capital – Buddhist Stupa Vihara, the Bahaist Temple of Lotus (1986.), the temple of the goddess Kali to Kalkaji (built in 1764 g. On the site of an ancient temple) and many others. Majestic Delhi Mosques are considered to be the best examples of Islamic art – Juma Masjid (Friday or Cathedral, 1650-1658.), Kila Kitchen (1545 g.), Khersher-Ul-Minazel (1561 g.), Motk-ki Masdzhid (mosque of one grain, XVI in.), SonaEkhri (Golden), Fatekhpuri (1650 g.), Calan Masdzhid (Kali Masjid, 1386.), Jamat Chana (Khizri, XIV in.), Moti Masjid (pearl, 1662 g.), the first mosque of the country – Kuvvat-Ul-Islam (1192-1198.), Zina-Ul-Masdzhid and others.

Delhi is often called "Mausoleum East" – So many here are concentrated by the memorial structures of the legendary rulers and statesmen of many epochs. To the category of cult facilities include Mausoleum Adham Khan, Darga (place of worship) Kutbuddin-Bakhtiyar-Kaki, the tomb of Sultan ShamSuddina Iltouutmysh (1235 g.), Darga Muslim Holy Nizamuddin Chishti Auliya (1325 g.), Architectural ensemble of the tomb of Sultan Guri (1230 g.), the tomb of Fruzhech Tetrak, Safedarjung Tomb, the tomb of the only female Governor of the East – Sultanshi Razi (1241 g.), Mogulian architecture masterpiece – Humayun tomb (Humayun-Ka-McBare, 1565 g.), Mausoleums Jakhanara-Begham and Muhammad-Shaha (1719-1748.), president’s mausoleum Zakir Hussein (1973.) Near Islamic University of Jamia-Millia, as well as a whole complex of tombstones in Gardens.

According to the abundance of museums, the city may argue with any capital of the world. It is worth visiting the National Museum, the National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Archaeological Museum of the Red Fort, National Museum of Natural History, Memorial Museum of Javarlar Nehru "Tingmurti Hauz" (1929-30.) near the diplomatic area of ​​Chanakyapuri, Memorial Indira Gandhi with the famous "Crystal River" (1988.), Museum of National Crafts, International Museum of Dolls, National Children’s Museum and Aquarium in the Palace of Children, Tibet House Museum on the Lodi Road, Nonble Museum of Air Force at the airport. Indira Gandhi, Academy of Fine Arts Lalit Cala-Academy, Museum of Applied Fishes in the Great Exhibition Center Pragati Maidan, Academy of Music and Dance with the Original Museum of Musical Instruments, Unique Museum of Toilets Supach and Delian Zoo (1959.) – one of the largest and most rich in the world.

Cities of India Delhi

Thousands of outlets and traditional oriental markets are located in the streets of Baba Kharac-Singh, Changi Chow, Koniat Place, Hari Bati, south of the university, near Lahore gates, in the Urdu-Bazar district and T. D. Here you can buy almost everything, and the famous atmosphere of the Eastern Bazaar gives such purchases a special charm. And at the same time, Delhi is enough green city. There are many charming garden and park complexes and small green areas – Mogoli gardens in the presidential palace, Roshanarian and Shalimar Gardens with a pavilion Shish-Mahal (mirror) to the north-west of "Old Delley", coronation parks, buddha jaynati, they. Nehru, Pancha-Sila, Gardens Kudsia (XVIII in.), Mahatab-Bugh Gardens in Red Forte and DR.

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Cities of India Delhi

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