Cities of India: Chennai (Madras)

Chennai City (Chennai, Madras) was founded in 1639 g. As a lookpost of Britain on the peninsula, so in his architecture heavily the influence of the British colonial style.

The main attractions of the city are the fort. George (1653 g.) In which the State Government is now working, the Cathedral of St. Apostle Foma (1504 g.), the first Anglican Church of the country -. Virgin Mary (XIX in.), Shiva Temple, Maduras Music Academy of Music and Dance Kalakhetra, building of one of the oldest University of Madras (1857.), The International Center of Theosophy them. Blavatskaya with a beautiful park, Madrassky State Museum (1846 g.) and etc.

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Cities of India Chennai (Madras)

India, city life Chennai

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Cities of India Chennai (Madras)

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