Cities of India: Agra

The capital of the Empire of the Great Mughal and Pearl of India, Agra is located 204 km from Delhi.

Many real are concentrated here "Wonders of Light" – Famous White Grand Mausoleum Taj Mahal (1630-1648.), Great Fortress Agra (Red Fort) with a whole complex of majestic palaces, squares, mosques and parks inside the double wall of the citadel, pearl mosque (XVII in.) and Masjid, two huge audience halls – Khaz-Mahal and a mirror palace, marble Mausoleum Jahangrry-Mahal, an elegant tomb of the Item-Ud-Daula and Water Park "Pavilion Fish".

In Skandre, suburb of Agra, located surrounded by a Garden of Mausoleum Akbar from Red Sandstone.

Reviews and studies of trips

First time in agre

Early foggy morning, we drove up to the surroundings of the monument. In the surroundings of Taja, the protected area is very clean here, it is forbidden to ride on cars. Read more →

vlade mir | December 2016

Cities of India Agra

Journey in India: Agra

Taj Mahal is truly great. Architecture, selection of precious stones, engineering solutions – all this makes it an absolutely perfect structure and now. Read more →

Janajan | June 2015

India. Agra (Agra) and Fatehpur Sikri (Fatehpur Sikri)

We arrived in Agru from Jaipur, on the way visiting Fatechpur Sicry. The plan was as follows: per day examine the Taj, the Red Fort, the tomb of Akbar and move on, in Delhi. Read more →

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