Cities of Iceland: Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland – Reykjavik ("Smoky bay") – was deservedly announced by one of the cultural capitals of the world in 2000.

This is a small and cozy city, surrounded by the sea and having a completely uncharacteristic building for the capital, is considered one of the most unusual cities in the world. City center, so-called "Old Reykjavik", It is an extensive green space of the lungs and lakes, intermittent with traditional houses of the old building, which preserved many signs of early ranking architecture. So far, you can meet Shepherds and Hlev, attached to the main building in which people live. Naturally, cattle has not been held in them for many years and most of them are converted to shops and cafes, but the former purpose of these buildings is guessed without difficulty. Among the ancient buildings Reykjavik are interesting House of Parliament (1881.) and the old government building (XVIII in.) located between the harbor and the lake.

The city itself is located on the spot where the Vikings of Ingolfur Arnarson was built the first permanent settlement on the island (874 g.). Until now, there are no industrial facilities and smoking pipes in Reykjavik (houses are heated with water hot thermal sources), which makes the air of this very northern capital of the world amazingly clean.

Modern Reykjavik stretched to the east of the old city. Interesting National Gallery of Iceland, National Museum with Unique Historical Collections and City Art Museum Reykjavik. Immediately at the National Museum, the Institute of Arni Magnusson is found, where unique ancient books with traditional legends sague are contained, as well as extensive collections of historical works. The Arbera People’s Museum exhibits a number of old Reykjavik houses, reconstructed in the original manner, – the church in the traditional Icelandic style with a roof covered with a dressing center, as well as farm houses of the XIX and early XX centuries. One of the main attractions is the Central Church of Reykjavik – Hallgrimskirkia, in which, in addition to its original architectural form, an unique modern body is interesting. Before the church is a monument to Vikings – the discovers of America. Other attractions include a small Botanical Garden, a recreation park, as well as a number of museums devoted to the activities of leading Icelandic artists.

The city has a large number of pools, including open, with water temperature up to +27 s, many nightclubs, discos, botanical garden, dramatic, opera and ballet theaters and cinemas, as well as charming green area along the banks of the Ellidar River flowing through Eastern part of the capital, which is considered one of the richest Icelandic rivers, where salmon is found.

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Cities of Iceland Reykjavik

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