Cities of Hungary: Visegrad (Visegrad)

Literally in a pair of kilometers above, the VisaGrád lies in the course of the Danube, in the XIV century the exorbitant of Hungary, but heavily affected by the troops of the Habsburgs in the XVIII century.

From the once formidable urban Fortress (XIII B.) and Royal Palace The XIV-XVI centuries remained only ruins with a lonely towering over them Tower Solomon. It is believed that it was here that Count Vlad Challene (Dracula) was concluded, and now the tiny Archaeological Museum.

With the dominant of the town of Mount Nad-Villas (377 m), a stunning panorama of the valley and lying on the opposite shore of the picturesque town Nadmarosh (NagyMaros) with his characteristic Catholic Church. Here, in the ruins of the fortress, there is a small Museum.

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Visegrad fortress

The Visegrad Fortress towers over the Danube. This fortification, which was built on the orders of King Bella IV after the capital of Hungary would capture the Turks read more →

Tushinetc | Autumn 2015

Cities of Hungary Visegrad (Visegrad)

Estergom and Vishegrad

Of course, it was possible to slip their gallop, but wanted more relaxed walks. Therefore, I had to allocate one day for visiting Estergoma with Vishegrad. Read more →

Naina-Gorynych | Autumn 2014

Visegrad (Hungary) and Knight’s tournament

Visegrad is located 40 minutes from Budapest. This is the smallety city in Hungary, about 2,000 inhabitants, and the city status, he received only in 2000 for a political reason and because for some time the city was the capital of Hungary. Read more →

Cities of Hungary Visegrad (Visegrad)

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