Cities of Hungary: Veszprem

Veszprem (Veszprém) – one of the most beautiful and oldest cities of the country, "City of Korole", which 1000 years ago founded the first Hungarian king Ishthan I Saint. The city lies on the hills, the highest of which – Fortress mountain, Actually serves as the basis for wonderful palaces and temples of the city.

Treasures are very popular with tourists Diocesan Museum Queen Gizella and Museum of Dejo Lartko, which presents the most valuable relics of the millennial history of the Bakon Mountain Arrays. Also "religious places" are viaduct Over a stream of shed, Bridge V, Botanical Garden And wonderful Zoo named after Salman Kittenberger.

Cultural life in Veszprema does not quiet all year round – theatrical premieres, concerts and exhibitions follow one after another.

In the vicinity lie famous Balazaapusta – Villa times of ancient Rome surrounded by stone ruins, Porcelain Manufactory and Herend Museum, Monastery of the Order of the Cistercians Zirsz and Fortress Nadvazhon.

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Cities of Hungary Vesprem

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Cities of Hungary Vesprem

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