Cities of Hungary: Vac

20 km north of Budapest, in the very place where Danube changes dramatically the direction of his bed, lies the town of Wac (Vác, Vacov).

Repeatedly destroyed during the Turkish occupation, in the second half of the XVIII century he began a rapid growth, from which to the present day and reached the most interesting monuments – Acute Tower (Hegyes Torony) with the remnants of the fortress wall of the XIV-XV centuries, Palace of bishop (Nagypréposti Palota, 1690 g., now – City Museum), neoclassical City Cathedral (1761-1777.), Town Hall (Városháza, 1718-1764.), Dominican White church and monastery (Fehérek Temploma, 1705-1755.) on the main square of the city, Curia building (1746-1750., here now gallery and excellent Wine Museum), Chapel of sisters of mercy (XVIII B.), Triumphal Arch (KőkaPU, 1764 g.), showroom In the former Greek Orthodox Church (1795 g.), Column of Holy Trinity front Monastery of Piaristists (Piarista Templom, 1745 g.), Reformer church, synagogue (1864-2008.), Franciscan monastery (XVIII B.), more dozen museums and so on.

Himc himself has long turned into a popular summer resort for the inhabitants of Budapest – an array array of Naszály (Naszály, up to 653 m) and the Danube Danube Senthender-Cigarette Danube is provided on the other shore.

It is interesting that on the east side there is not a single bridge connecting the mainland with the island of Centhender-Cigaret, which allows you to preserve its nature in the maximum possible purity.

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Cities of Hungary Vac

Trip K "Wacgu Mumiyam"

On the central square of the city of Vac, there is a house 15 on Marcius Square, here in 1994, during the repair, they found a subterranean tomb in the basement, 265 citizens rested there. Read more →

Gotohungary | March 2015

VAC. Baroque buck

In Vac, you must go Sunday morning to coming out from the train, meet citizens returning from the service in the evangelical church, buy ice cream on the corner and just have time to fill trade on the flea market read more →

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