Cities of Hungary: Kesthely

In the western tip of Balaton, is the oldest of the cities built on the shores of Lake – Keszthely. Along with comfortable and well-keeled beaches, Kesthely offers its guests a meeting with old secluded streets and located in a magnificent Palace of the Palace of Feshetich in the Baroque style.

At the end of the XVIII century, the famous Palace Library "Helicon", Speaking about 52,000 volumes. Here every summer, international conferences and brilliant concerts are held every summer. Mercenary I Museum of Balaton, In the halls of which almost all about the history of the lake, his flora and the fauna, ethnography and development of the resort.

In the vicinity of the city lie unique Buddhist Stupa in Balasanto, Museum of Africa And the real medieval Fortress Shzyumeg.

Reviews and studies of trips

Hungary. Kesthely, Balatonf├╝red, Tikhan

Balatonf├╝red. Typical resort town. A great place to drink mineral water from the source on the central square and ride on the Balaton shores. Read more →

Tiktuger | September 2014

Cities of Hungary Kesthely

Hungarian thermal sources, around Budapest for 4 days

Once again, I decided that how we planted the trip – it was very correct. Large cities and capital are already pretty fed up, and here are small towns and places for a relaxed rest today very much. Read more →

Nukoshka | August 2010

Travel in Hungary

We were in Hungary a week. Since I was already there a year ago with a friend in the bus tour, now focused in Budapest good enough, and with my husband we were preferred to walk everywhere. On the first day, settled in the hotel, went to the Heroes Square, walked around the city park and the fortress Vaidakhunyad, then spent 3 hours in the swimming pool, went on foot on Andrassk Avenue to the Metro DEAK FERENCE TER and went to dinner to our Hungarian friends home. Read more →

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