Cities of Hungary: Estergom

Just 40 km from the Hungarian capital is higher in the Danube, at the very border, with Slovakia, lies an important cultural and religious center of the country – the city of Estergom (Esztergom).

This is one of the oldest settlements of the country, founded by another celts long before our era. During the time of ancient Rome, the fortified settlement of Solva was located here, and the Slavs renamed it in these Territories to renamed it in Stregom, turning into one of the most important fortresses of Great Moravia. After the arrival of Magyar, the city became one of the residences of the Hungarian kings and before the XIII century actually performed the function of the capital. Therefore, the number of interesting objects here is simply unique for so small in the general settlement.

Sights of Estergoma

Estergoma Business Card – Grand Basilica of St. Adalbert (Nagyboldogasszony és Szent Adalbert Prímási Főszékesegyház), the largest building of this kind in Hungary and the highest building of the country (the height of the dome is 71.5 m, the bell tower – 100 m). Built in 1822-1856 on the site of the temple of the XIV century, it grows a high coastal opening and thereby visible for many kilometers, as if emphasizing the status of the religious capital of Hungary. In addition to the temple itself, famous for also a unique acoustics and a meeting of church values ​​in Chapel of St. Stephen, Here you can see Chapel of St. Bakotka (The only element of the church of the XVI century, neatly disassembled by the builders before booking the basilica and is re-included in its composition), Monument to St. Ishtan and Esplanada his name as well Monument to the Christianization of Hungary. And from the dome colonnade, where you can climb on a special staircase, the magnificent panorama of the Danube Valley, Mountains Berry (Börzsöny) and Gerecher opens (Gerecse).

Also in the city are noteworthy located near Basilica Royal Palace of Arpadov (X B., Restored in XX in.) – Now there is a museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Esztergomi Vármúzeuma), baroque Church of Vizivaros (1783 G.) in the same quarter (Víziváros, t.E. "Water city"), Archbishop Palace (PRímási Palota, 1880-1882.) – Now it is open here Christian Museum (Keresztény Múzeum), Museum of Balint Balashshi In the first post-sort of city building just above Pázmány Péter Street, Franciscan church (1728-1738.), one of the richest in the country Cathedral library (Főszékesegyházi Könyvtár, 1853 g.) in the southern part of the city, classical Chapel on the Hill of St. Tamasha (SZENT-TAMÁS HEGY), baroque Chapel of St. Stifana and Orthodox Serbian Church of St. Anna (1770 g.) in classic style. It is worth looking at the beautiful Scheduled area (Széchenyi Tér) with town hall (1729 g.), Franciscan Church (1700-1755.), baroque Palace of Shandor Earla and column of the Holy Trinity (1900 g.), as well as stroll in half a kilometer Bridge Mary Valeria (Mária Valéria Híd, 1895.) Through the Danube, connecting Estergom with the Slovak City Strove (Štúrovo). Attractions also include House-Museum of the poet Mica Babitsa (Babits Mihály Emlékház), stone Plate to commemorate the city’s victorious siege Forces Sultan Suleiman in 1543 and the remains of several Turkish mosques and baths.

The historic center of the city is quite small in size, so stroll through his curves of streets and cobbled translats, as well as on the green exchange rate along the Kish-Dun ducts can be without much voltage. And numerous recluses and cafes will allow you to rest in the intervals between sightseeing.

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Cities of Hungary Estergom

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Cities of Hungary Estergom

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