Cities of Hungary: Centendre

Literally in a pair of kilometers north of the outskirts of Budapest, on the shore, the ducts of the Spenndrey-Dun, separating the same island from the mainland, lies the ancient town of Szentendre (Szentendre), which has grown in place of the Roman fortress.

Its rapid development in the XVIII-XIX centuries is fully associated with the Orthodox residents of the Balkan Peninsula on the Turkish domination, primarily Serbs and Greeks, who laid in the center of the village Church of St. Andrey (Sanctus Andreas), from where the city name went. At the beginning of the 20th century, this picturesque settlement with the characteristic old merchant quarters was chosen by artists, sculptors and musicians, quickly turned it into one big open-air museum. At the concentration of all sorts of museums and the Gallery of Spenndra, it can easily argue with the capital, and its paved narrow streets serve as favorite "backstone" For numerous art works of local masters. In addition, rich agricultural areas of the surrounding area provide a lot of opportunities to relax in nature.

Sightseeners Spenndra

The most popular places of the town include the largest Ethnographic Museum in the Open-air Museum in Hungary SZENTENDRE SKANZEN ( beautiful Public Transport Museum Budapest (Városi Tömegközlekedési Múzeum) in the old railway depot, beautiful central Area Fő Tér with Museum of Carrya Ferens, Gallery engraving (Metszet Galéria) and Blagoveshchensk Church (1752 g.) east of her City gallery (SZENTENDREI KÉPTÁR) and Museum of Ceramics Margit Kovach, as well as the next quarter of the Roman Catholic quarter Church of St. John (Saint János Roman Catholic Parish Church) and Museum of Artist Bella Tsobel (Czóbel Béla Múzeum).

Quarter north Church Square (Templom Tér) is towers one of the most beautiful temples of the city – Orthodox Belgrade Cathedral (Sabore) with adjacent to him from the north Museum of Serbian Orthodox Art and Museum of the artist and graphics Lyosh Waida. Well, the quarter of the south of the church square can be detected City Hall (Polgármesteri Hivatal Szentendre) and lying in the southeastern part of the historic center Museum Marzipan (Szamos Marcipán Múzeum; Dumtsa Jenő UTCA, 17) with nearby Artist’s Museum and Anatoma Yen Barchay (Jenő Barcsay Museum) and Lutheran Church (Evanangélikus Templom).

In the northeastern part of the old city are located Museum Imre Amosh and Anna Margit (Ámos Imre – Anna Margit Kiállítás; Bogdányi UTCA, 12), gallery "Palmetta" (Palmetta Design Gallery; Bogdányi UTCA, 14) and famous National Museum of Wine (NEMZETI BORMUZEUM, WWW.BOR-KOR.HU), more like an old restaurant.

Also deserve attention Museum of Confectioner Yozhef Dobosha (considered the author of the Hungarian cake of the same name, in the XIX-XX centuries supplied in special wooden boxes to all European countries), Transfiguration Church (1741-1746.), Catholic Temple of Saints Peter and Paul, Baptist church, Sculptural collection Mesarosha (Mészáros dezső sculpturecollection), baroque Mansion Rabi Motyash (1768 G.), Reforget Church Odovachka (XIX B.), Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Former CSIPROVACSKA Orthodox Temple, transferred to the Catholic Diocese in 1944), Jewelry Museum "Caprice" (Dózsa György út, 22) with gallery and shopping center, House of folk art (Rákóczi UTCA, 2) Near the Town Hall and many other interesting objects.

Around Cpenndra

Many will prefer to go from here by ferry to Senthender Island-Cigarette (Two bridges are only from this – the west side, from the east, a message with an island is conducted only on water), or relax in the silence of pastoral coastal towns Lishman, Leanfalu and Dunabdan, or in green forests around the elevations of the Ubra Astal (594.4 m), St. Lassel-Hedy (590 m) and Böhcho-Hedy (586 m) a little west of Spenndra.

How to get to Centendre

You can get to Centendre on the Hév train departing in the northern direction every 20 minutes from the station on the Square of Batthyány Tér, or by bus from the bus station at the bridge Árpád Híd. In both cases, the time on the way will be approximately 30 minutes.

Cities of Hungary Centendra

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