Cities of Hungary: Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred (Balatonfüred) – ancient medical resort, world famous cardiological sanatorium.

Here, from the depths of the Earth, natural carbon dioxide, the healing water of which was used for therapeutic purposes and for drinking, and for the adoption of various baths since the time of Romans. Near Source of Koshta, beating in the center Urban Park on Medical Square ("Dieodter"), is widely known in the world Cardiology sanatorium With a picturesque covered gallery and columns, where people with cardiovascular diseases are being treated.

Near the city is huge Cave LOI and unique tower on Mount Tamashe.

Reviews and studies of trips

Hungary. Kesthely, Balatonfüred, Tikhan

Balatonfüred. Typical resort town. A great place to drink mineral water from the source on the central square and ride on the Balaton shores. Read more →

Tiktuger | September 2014

Cities of Hungary Balatonführed

Budapest and quiet

I will tell you, first of all, about the trip that fell in love with the country and served as the basis for other travels. This is a trip to the side of Balaton – we visited the estate of the Bruntsvik family, Borivar Castle near. Temkekeehervar, G. Balatonfured, Tikhan Peninsula * (Hungarians say quiet), Herendskaya factory and city Veszprim. Read more →

Maria | March 2006

My impressions of Hungary (part 2)

The sightseeing program is of course good, even if you’re lucky with a guide, you will tell you a lot of things and very interesting, only now, usually on the excursions themselves. We had a trip to Lake Balaton and its surroundings. Read more →

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