Cities of Holland: Utrecht

Utrecht (Utrecht, 35 km southeast Amsterdam) – ancient university city, located in the center of the Netherlands. Utrecht was laid in the middle of the i century n. NS. Romans as a fortress, covering crossing over Rhine (Latin Trajectus means "crossing", Hence the name). Now it is one of the most beautiful cities of the country.

Sights of Utrechta

Characteristic feature of the city – Bunk Channels, connected by numerous bridges with adjacent houses, which in the Middle Ages served warehouses – loads from a barge on the warehouses turned directly. Now the terraces of the first tier are turned into numerous charming cafes and restaurants, and the channels themselves serve, for the most part, for entertaining walks and rest.

  • Channel with a gateway
  • Utrecht

"Business card" Utrecht – the oldest Gothic Cathedral of the country with the highest in the Netherlands spire – Utrecht, or the Dome Cathedral of St. Martin (Dom Van Utrecht, 1254-1580.). Also interesting Town Hall (XIX B.), medieval residential buildings, famous University (valid from the XVII in.), Museum of Monet, Museum of Society of Art and Science, Railway Museum, Central Museum (Assembly of works of art of the beginning of the XVII in.) and one of the largest collections of medieval art in the country in Museum of Christianity.

    Cities of Holland Utrecht
  • Dome Cathedral, Utrecht
  • Channels Utrecht

Interesting also working since 1956 National Museum of Machines (National Museum Van Speelklok Tot Piered, WWW.Museumspeelklok.NL) I Museum and Observatory Sonnenborg with the collection of old astronomical instruments.

In the vicinity of Utrecht, it is certainly worth a visit Castle Har – One of the largest and most beautiful in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Reviews and studies of trips

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, unlike Rotterdam, preserved almost in priority – this is an old city with narrow streets and picturesque houses. Utrecht, like Delf – this is a student city. Read more →

Think head | April 2014

These strange Dutch (Prague-Amsterdam-Kökekenhof-Utrecht)

It was my first visit to the Netherlands, just for three days, and, of course, I wanted to see as much as possible, therefore I immediately rushed to the machine to buy a ticket for all kinds of urban transport. Surprise: the corresponding machines hung on the walls, but they were all derived from operation. There were new yellow yellow. But my knowledge of the English and gerbles of German was not enough to discover the required. Since a considerable queue has drawn to the rack of information, and in Prague I did not have problems of this kind, I still continued to find research and by clicking on the Public Transport, I paid a ticket from which the price of which was configulous. No, I knew that Amsterdam was an expensive city, but to cost almost 30 euros to the passage for 24 hours. Read more →

Anka Grafomanka | April 2009

History Utrechta

The first time I heard about Utrecht when, taking up with a charming dutch, asked where he was from. This Dutchman, who later became my husband, enthusiastically told me about his city, its inhabitants, traditions and customs, as well as places interesting for visits. Now, for more than three years, I live in Utrecht and sometimes when I have free time, I’m going to the city center in order to enjoy the beauty and comfort of vintage streets. Read more →

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