Cities of Holland: Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the largest port of Europe and the second largest city of the Netherlands, lies on one of the northern sleeves of the extensive delta of the Rhine – River Lek.

For the first time, the chronicles mention it in 1238., and by 1340 g. Rotterdam was already one of the significant cities in Europe. The old town was practically completely destroyed during World War II, so the old monuments were almost no preserved, but the restored modern Rotterdam strikes guests with bold architectural solutions and business activity.

Attractions Rotterdama

The most surviving part of the city is the Delft port area – DelfTShaven, saturated by narrow streets, canals, old buildings and windmills. Here is located and the first "skyscraper" in Europe – Hat Witte Hakes (45 M., 1898.). The territory of the old port is tightly surrounded by new buildings.

  • Delfshaven
  • Cubic houses, Rotterdam
  • Museum and Park

In the city center, Sea Museum Prince Hendrik, A bronze monument surrounds "Creek" ("Devastated city") In memory of the old town destroyed by the fascists, nearby are located nearby Historical Museum in the XVII Palace in., building Kunsthal (Exhibitions of art works of the XIX – XX centuries.) and a building in the form of a tower with a lighthouse – the famous Museum of Boymann Van Beningen with the best in Holland Collection of Flemish Masters of the XV – XVI BB.

Cities of Holland Rotterdam
  • Modern Rotterdam
  • Town Hall Rotterdama
  • Tourist bus, Rotterdam

You can visit urban Saint Laventskerk Cathedral (XVI B.) with the monument to Erasmu Rotterdam, or the largest in the country Town Hall (1920 g.), Monument to Peter I on the shore of Maasa and also Mail and Birua.

  • Historical Rotterdam
  • Bridge Erasmusburg
  • View of Rotterdam

Through the city rises the bulk of the broadcas Euromast (1960 G., 185 M.), on top of which there is a rotating observation deck, with which the majestic panorama of the city and a huge port.

In the Klowning Quarter is a beautiful Botanical Garden, And going out to the area of ​​the business center, you can admire the modern high-altitude buildings of banks and offices, many of which are only in meters lower than the Euromast.

  • Museum of Natural Science
  • Museum, Rotterdam
  • Contemporary Art, Rotterdam

Among the museums are interesting Academy of Arts, Conservatory, Museum of ethnography, Museum of entomology, Historical Museum And wonderful Rotterdam Zoo.

City tax

From tourists living in hotels Rotterdam, urban tax charges. Its value depends on the cost of the hotel.

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