Cities in Holland: Hague

Hague (graphenhage) – the residence of the government, parliament and the royal court, the third largest and one of the oldest (1248) cities of the country, although the status of the city of Hague received only 1811. This is the city of officials, diplomats and pensioners.

Attractions Hagagi

In the Hague is located Palace of Mira, which works the UN International Court.

Around an old castle Binnenhof (1248 g.) in which the country’s parliament is now sitting – general states, lies the historic center of the city. In front of the lock, on Plain Square, Monument to Wilhelm I Orange, And around – many beautiful architectural and historical monuments – the building of the Tribunal Ridderzal (XIII B.), medieval Guhevageport prison (now here is located Museum of the Inquisition), Ministry of the Colonies, the oldest city Passage (1882 – 1885.), Ministry of Justice and DE Witte Literary Club.

Nearby is the palace of the former governor of the Netherlands possessions in Brazil – Mauritshais (1633-1644.) in which one of the best picture galleries of the world is located – the Royal Art Gallery with the meeting of the works of Dutch and Flemish masters of painting XV – XVII centuries. – Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Wall and DR.

Near, in the town hall, placed Gothic Old Town Hall, Berlage Exchange And the most famous cathedral of the city – Church Grote-Kerk (XV – XVI centuries.) with the coat of arms of the Golden Rune knights and the symbol of the city – the bell with the image of Aista.

Queen’s residence is located in the palace Köninkelk-Palee-Nordeande (1533 – 1655.) who is open in the summer for free visits (the queen itself lives in the palace Hayes Ten Bos).

Many tourists are attracted to the Bonaparte Napoleon Walloon church (1807 g.), Spinoza House Museum, unique Candy Museum and Caramel Haagche Hofye, Old Catholic Church (1722 g.), Palace of Mira (1913 G.), Picture Gallery Prince Wilhelm V, international Museum of the press, Postal Museum and Museum of costume, and Aquarium and Marine Center, where the underwater tunnel and excellent ecological expositions acting on the bottom of the ocean.

Another attraction next to the city – Park Madodam, A kind of open-air museum, in which almost the entire country and all its monuments are presented on the scale of 1:25, and all these skilled mock-ups acting!

Also interesting ultra-modern quarter Residence, Above the creation of which the best world architects worked.

Cities of Holland Hague

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Cities of Holland Hague

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