Cities of Greenland: Umanak

The town of Umanak lies the north of the Nugosuak Peninsula, framing the Disco Bay from the North. Despite the fact that the city is 500 km north of the Polar Circle, it is widely known as "Summer resort of Greenland", Since in the summer here is truly relatively heat (almost no cold northwestern winds) and there are almost completely no mosquitoes – the real Beach of many other coastal areas of the island. Umanak was founded in the XVII century by Dutch kitobov, who chose this place as the basis of their courts, is very proud of its past and carefully cultivates the old traditions. Every spring when the first ship of the season is discovered, almost the whole city is going on a hill to the west of the city feature and salutes three guns, welcoming the arriving ship.

Umanak himself is a rather chaotic city, stubbornly clinging behind the hills with the walls of its buildings. Lack of land saved the city from "architecture block houses" Nuk, and most families live in separate birth homes, albeit not very beautiful, but reliable. Museum of Umanak is located on the territory of the old hospital. The integer room is devoted to the ill-fated expedition of the German scientist Alfred Weiner. There is also a small exposure dedicated to the archeology and history of these places, mummies from kilakits, devices and weapons for whale hunting. Also deserve attention to the house of crying – an old building that served as a warehouse warehouse, Santa Claus Castle in two hours walk from the city center, as well as a large cave, located a little further along the coast and famous in the local folklore as a troll grotto.

Cities of Greenland Umanak

Mount Umanak – Natural Natural Formation of Stunning Beauty and the most unusual colors. Mountain is an ancient gneisse base of the mainland shield, pulling up in the alternation of black, white and red layers of rocks, changing the shades of color depending on the lighting. Although the mountain looks completely inaccessible, several expeditions still climbed to the top, but for most visitors it is enough to simply inspect this unique natural education, the only analogue of which is only Mount Uluri in Australia.

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