Cities of Greenland: Kuttoktok (Yuliance)

The city of Kuttok (Juliance) lies on the tip of the eponymous Peninsula 450 km south of Nuk. This is a clean and pleasant city, the main port in the south of the island, founded in 1775 on the jumper between two mountain rods, on the site where the search for lost colonists of Hans Chadge was conducted. With a population, only 3.5 thousand. residents, the city is the center of the southern region of the country, and it is worth visiting in the summer when the surroundings literally "explode" Wild colors. The pride of the city is a square urban fountain, the only one in Greenland, decorated in the base of copper signs with the names of urban burghers (although many tables "fell victims" Hunters for souvenirs). The area with the fountain surrounds the wall of the buildings of the colonial era, considered the most well-preserved samples of this period in the country.

Museum of Cathetok, or the Inito Museum, it is worth a compulsory visiting – this is one of the best museums in Greenland, demonstrating crafts of ancient and modern inhabitants of the island, as well as many archaeological finds (there is even an exact copy of the old Greenland house, built on all local skills canons from stones and turf). Also interesting Savur Cherh, or Frener-Freser-Kirk (Church of the Savior, 1832.), Gertood-crest (XIX in.) and a large office and shopping complex Great Greenland-Furhus on the eastern shore of the bay.

Cities of Greenland Kyatoktok (Juliance)

However, the cocuton for the most part is known as the starting point for hiking excursions and tours on dog sledding to the picturesque district Peters-Kane, to Lake Tserrsauk, or Storesia (begins immediately at the city feature), to the neighboring town of Igal (the former residence of the Norwegian Episcopal Church), To the hot springs of the island of Unartwork or to the colorful town of Ekaligarsuit. Just a few hours of turn on a boat or a boat to the northeast of cocoa is the best preserved and most extensive medieval Norwegian settlement on the island – Holshai (Hollysi). Stwali even mentioned in the ancient Icelandic chronicle "Flatyarbik" As a place of burning witch in the early XV century, as well as as the only place where marriages between the Inuita and the Colonists were accomplished. However, to this day only the ruins of several dozen houses and the picturesque church of the Hollsen are preserved here.

Catchtok’s tourist office also offers all those wishing numerous fishing sports, sailing, ecotourism in the form of accommodation on the sheep’s wounded in the mountains, diving in the ice, but literally sided with the waters of the waters of local lakes and bays, as well as many other unusual excursions.

Cities of Greenland Kyatoktok (Juliance)

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