Cities of Greenland: Ilulissat (Jacobshavn)

Lying on the west coast of Greenland, Ilulissat ("Icebergs") Fully justifies your name, as if closely peering into the mirror sea, crowded with icebergs and floating ice floes, drifting just below the inexorable gray heavens. Originally named Icubshawn in honor of its founder, Danchanin Jacob Sumina (1691-1753.), Ilulissat is also considered one of the fastest growing cities of the country, the gates of the Bay of the Disco and the whole northern part of Greenland.

Ilulissat is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Greenland Island, fully "Spared" With his long and motley history. Archaeological excavations date the first settlements of people at this location period about 3500 years ago, and south-west, in Sermermut, found traces of settlements of the II millennium BC, which places Ilulissat to the list of main areas of settlement of the ancient tribes of the island. Local residents in their life are still guided by the ancient saying: "Give me a winter, give me dogs, and you get everything else", and are mainly engaged in fishing and the fight of the marine beast. However, the city itself is quite modern, and his life is generally not much different from the capital.

The inhabitants of the city are proud of the fact that in 1879 it was here that the famous researcher Knud Rasmussen was born, and his homely house was turned into an interesting museum, telling about the activities and numerous Arctic expeditions of this tireless traveler and ethnographer. The art museum of Ilulissat is also popular – the main exhibition center of the northern part of the country and the Cold Museum (Cold Museum), telling about the geology and glaciology of the island, as well as the extensive exposition of Delical settlers and Inuit. The sights of the city also include the Churches of Zyon and Nalakatta-Illua, a sports and cultural center, a city hall, as well as the picturesque neighborhood of the city, able to decorate with their landscapes of any picture gallery.

Another of the tempts of the city – Ilulissat-Icefjord ("Ice Fjord"), formed by the Glacier Sermek-Kujallek. Having a width of almost 5 km with ice thickness at the bottom of about 150 meters (one of the most powerful glaciers outside Antarctica), it falls into the water of the sea with numerous languages ​​of crystal-clean ice, forming parallel and dozens of small lakes, stretching the strip to the east of cities. In Icefjord so much ice that the only thing that is clearly not enough here is liquid water. The paths of numerous walking excursions pass through the ice caves with sparkling walls, and the easiest and most pleasant excursion will lead to the ruins in Sermermute and Holms-Bakka, where all the population of Ilulissat is going on January 13 to welcome the first sunrise after a long polar night.

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Cities of Greenland Ilulissat (Jacobshavn)

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