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20 km south of Wai Beach lies the mountain town of Zakros (Zakros, or Ano Zakros, that is "Upper closure"), near which another Poland of the Minoan Era detected. In fact, it is 2 km southeast towards the village of Kato Zakros, that is "Lower closure").

You can go down here on foot through an impressive gorge called usually "Dead valley" Because of the ancient graves on her slopes (the entrance to the gorge, which once was once, as it is considered, the central avenue of the ancient city is marked by a sign next to the information office and parking lot), or on regular minibuses. Palace Zakros (Open daily: from July to October – from 8.30 to 17.00, from November to June – from 8.00 to 15.00; 3 euros) dated between the period between 1600 and 1450 before. NS. and was obviously hastily and forever. Later, this relatively hard-to-reach complex was forgotten almost completely and as a result was not looted. Even archaeologists discovered it almost by chance – the first excavations began here only in 1960.

It is believed that the chosure was one of the four administrative centers of the Minoan civilization, its eastern outpost, whose well-fortified harbor made it the most important shopping center of the Mediterranean. He himself looks quite simple, but the numerous artifacts of an ancient culture found here are practically intact, provided scientists of the most important information about the life of the people of that era. Interestingly, despite the overall dryness of the region, the plot of the ancient city is a swampy and often flooded by floods – partly the result of a total lowering of the eastern part of the island of Crete, partly – a consequence of the destruction of an ancient waterway, which smoked from mountain springs to a tank near the royal residence. To get acquainted with the ruins, it is recommended to contact the Guide services, because without certain explanations, make themselves a complete picture of this ancient monument is unlikely to succeed.

Delightful Primorskaya Village Kato-Zakros spread around the peaceful beach and a tiny fishing port, once the most large trading goal of Crete. Now it is a popular seaside resort with an abundance of good pension and taverns, which serves as a starting point for exploring the ancient city and relaxing on nearby rocky shores, so popular with wild leisure and divers fans.

Cities of Greece Zakros

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