Cities of Greece: Xanthi

For Nestosoma, the southern spurs of the Rhodope begins inhabited by mixed population. Here, near Turkish mosques, the Bulgarian temples and Greek basilica can be seen, and numerous villages of the region are literally impregnated with national flavor.

The starting point for dating this region is Xanthi, Iskece.


Tourists attract picturesque market area and old quarters. Around the complex University of Frakia A whole mini-city spread with parks, bars, cinemas and bistro, and on Saturdays here, on an open area near the fire depot in the eastern part of the city, an outdoor fair opens, equally popular in all peoples of the region. Narrow paved streets Old Town Built-up with many beautiful mansions of the XIX century with arched windows and iron balconies. In one of them there is an excellent People’s Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.00 to 14.thirty; 2 euros) on Odhos Antika 7. Turkish presence is felt in the old area very clearly (approximately 15% of the population of the city still make up the Turks), and the churches and mosques are adjusted here literally side by side.

Around Gode

17 km north-west, among the draped coniferous forests, rocks and high waterfalls is a neat town Stavrupolis (Stavroupolis) with its cobbled streets, shady central square, indispensable traditional cafes and well-restored by Thracian houses. From here it is convenient to visit the most interesting section of the Nestos Valley – the so-called "Much urge" Rivers, extremely popular as a great place for rafting, alloy on kayaks and canoes, hiking excursions and mountaineering. And in the Stanpolis itself there is a delightful small Museum of Folklore, the entire assembly of which is made up of items presented by local residents. His visit must be coordinated with the custodian of the collection – orally and in place, since the museum has no clearly agreed work framework, nor the entrance fees.

Cities of Greece Xanthi

South Xanti can be visited by a quiet village Yenisei (Yenissea) with one of the oldest mosques in Frakia (XVI in., now does not work), village Avdir (AVDHIRA) – the heiress of the glory of the ancient Abder, from which the walls of the Acropolis and fragments of the Roman term are preserved, modern Nikolaos Monastery On the shore of the Solonish Lake Vistonis (Vistonidha) and birds Bay Vistonicos.

48 km east of Xanti lies the city of Komotini – one of the most multinational in the country.

Southeast of Komotini, near the E90 motorway, there are two excellent archaeological sites, justifying the trip to these edges. Ancient city Maronea Now it is an accumulation of ancient and Byzantine ruins, scattered among the seaside olive groves below the modern village Maria (Maronia) and Mount Izmaros (678 m). And 8 km east of the village Dicel (DHIKELA), near which you can visit the ruins of an even more ancient city of Mesbria, or Messiravir. Thanks to the picturesque seaside location, very careful recent excavations and well-thought-out exhibitions, this site is considered the best of the three ancient Thracian cities in the region.

Approximately 120 km south-east of Xanthi, at the mouth of the Irene River, the modern city of Alexandroupolis spread out.

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