Greece City: Tripolis

"The main intersection of Peloponnes" – The ancient city of Tripolis lies on an extensive plain (665 meters above sea level) surrounded by breathtaking mountains.


The medieval city of Tripolitis was practically completely destroyed by the retreating Turkish troops during the war for the independence of Greece, so the modern capital of Arkadia is unlikely to be able to offer a tourist something except good Archaeological Museum Panarkinadik (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 2 euros) and picturesque landscapes.

Around the city

But around the city you can find quite a few interesting places, among which the ruins mentioned another Homer of the ancient city Mantinea (15 km north of Tripolis), nearby Modern Church Ayia-Fotini (1978 G., One of the most bizarre architectural structures of the country), the ruins of the ancient city Megalopolis (Theoretically, the site is open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00, but in practice it is often closed; The entrance is free) near the modern city of the same name, Gorge Lusios with a monastery towering above him Ayos-John (XI B.) and modern ski center Vitina VYTINA.

Cities of Greece Tripolis

Literally a couple of hours drive from the city you can see Medieval bridge On the Alfios River (Alfus) and Byzantine fortress of the village of Kyrit (60 km west tripolis), Byzantine churches Zoodohos-Piya (XIV B.) and Ayos Nikolaos (XIV-XVII centuries.) just north, frank FRUURIO Castle (1245 g.), one of the main centers of jewelry in the Balkans – town Stemetnitsa (Ipsus, or Ipsund, 15 km north of Carity) with a small folklore museum, a craft school and several magnificent medieval churches, the ruins of an ancient city Garthy (8 km west of Stemnitsa), miraculously adherent to the rock Monastery Prodrom Not far from the excavation of the gortis, monasteries Palea-philosopher (X B., very destroyed) and Na-philosopher (XVII B.) On the opposite side of the valley, as well as the town famous in its churches Dimitsana.


Bysting to the West from Karityin River Alfios cuts over the mountains and turns to the north, dividing the sacred liko hills in the south and Milty in the West, going to Elijah. These places are very popular with fans of hiking excursions and alloy on rivers, and lovers of history will find here included on the UNESCO World Heritage List Temple of Apollo Epicurean on the ruins of an ancient pool (this is almost the coast of the Western Bay Cyparisia, 14 km in the mountains south of Andritzen) – One of the most remote and best preserved antique complexes of Greece. There are already lands of Messinia (Messinia), stretched from the Western slopes of the mountains Taiga, through the Kalamata plains to the shores of Mesiniakos Bay.

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