Greece City: Skopelos

Quarters of the city of Skopelos (Choir) literally wander the slopes of a hill on the western coast of the wide-name bay.

A whole cascade of beautiful mansions and dome-shaped churches stretches below the destroyed Venetian Castle, And the wedding northern cape is beautiful Panica Tu-Pierce Church (Panayotis-Pigge) How will this pictorial panorama completes.

It is believed that in this small town already 123 churches and chapels, however, most of them are locked most of them (with the exception of their saints) and rarely come across tourists. Altered the traditionally busy commercial institutions of the coastal strip, the choir is replete with wonderful old shops and bears, old houses and tiny inner courtyards, so you can brighten here in literally.

Pretty simple Museum of Folklore (Open daily from 10.00 to 14.30 and from 18.00 to 22.00; 2 euros) contains a large collection of wicker household items, lace, embroidery and costumes; as well as an interesting section about local customs.

Around the city

Cities of Greece Skopelos

On the slopes of the Mountain Deca (565 m) to the east of the city, three historical monasters are towering – Eavandististia (Eavandelisos, open daily from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00), more isolated Obrome (the same hours of work) and lying in the upper part of the Green Gorge Metamorphosis (all – XVI in.) And on the eastern slope of the same mountain, a secluded monastery is located Traciarech, as if peering in the expanses of the sea. Without your own transport, you can get to all of them on the way from Chapel Ayos-Andonos Behind the football field, which comes first in Metamorphosis, from there to Eavanghelistiasu and Prodrom, and only then through the village of Ayia-Triasss with her old chapel turns south, to Taksyarchha.

Beach rest

The closest to the capital of the island is a good beach Staffus Lies 4 km south of the city, but it is best to go east of him – literally five minutes walk on the caulation is a more beautiful sandy-pebble beach Valeno with the official nudist zone and good service facilities. Northeast of the city is located a little sandy-pebble beach Hristier With popular for locals for tavern Palio Karnayio.

Cities of Greece Skopelos

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