Greece City: Skiathos

The capital of the island of Skiathos, his main port and residential area – the town of Skiathos is located in the Bay of the Southeast Bank.


His scenic quarters climb up the slopes from the old fishing port and two capets populated by people from the Bronze Century period. The South-West Quarter is interesting for beautiful old buildings and a labyrinth of narrow alley with shady gardens, elegant bell tower Tris-Hierarhez churches and Ayia-Triada.

There are few attractions, but located in the XIX century mansion House-Museum of Writer Alexandros Papadiamantisa (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.30 to 13.30 and from 17.00 to 20.00; 1 euro) on Mitropolitou Ananiou definitely deserves attention. The upper floor is maintained at the same form as in the period of life of one of the most famous Greek authors, while on the first floor there is a bookstore-exhibition. Gallery and Antique Salon Varsakis At Platia Trion Ierharhon, over the old port, has one of the best collections of folklore in Greece and can offer for sale a lot of really valuable works (prices here, of course, appropriate, but to visit this meeting as an exhibition does not interfere with nothing).


Noisy new quarter in the northeastern part of the city, around the main Streets Alexandhrou Papadhiamandi, has many modern shops, restaurants and bars clearly focused on foreigners. Nightlife is concentrated in the clubs at the coastline near the pier for yachts and Museum of Papadiamantisa, Located here and summer Cinema Attikon.

Cities of Greece Skiathos

Beach rest

The extended shores of the Bay Skiathos are quite good for rest, but eternally overflowing tourists – primarily the Greeks themselves. Therefore, many foreigners prefer to immediately go to the West, where you can find excellent beaches on the Kalamak Peninsula Cannel (east of Calamaka Cama, there is even a private dive center here) and Vromolimnos (west). In the bay Kukunaries (Koukounaries, on old maps – Kukinarim, 12 km from the city) are placed the beaches of the same name of the main resort of the island.

Reviews and studies of trips

Fessiona. Summer 2014

We decide to visit the Skiathos Island and to get to it go through the bus to the city of hair. On the way, we pass Mount Olympus, with respect to remember the Greek gods. Read more →

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