Greece City: Serifos

The town of Serifos (Serifos, the locals by tradition name is his choir) lies in total in a kilometer above the beach Livadion.


Quiet and atmospheric, it is considered one of "The least spoiled" Capitals Cyclad. His main attractions are in the so-called upper city around Castle – Cool intersecting stairs bring to the tiny churches, literally clinging to the edges of the cliffs, and from the walls of the church Ayos-Konstandinos The breathtaking view of the valleys below and the sea coast opens.

central square Ayiou Athanasiou It has attractive church and small but colorful Town Hall, as well as good assell And atmospheric Cafe Stou Stratou, Which offer a good alternative to lunchs on the ever-busy tourists of the embankment below.

There are also several Windmill And small Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 2 euros).

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Cities of Greece Serifos

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