Greece City: Rafina

East of Athens is the Rafina port (Rafina), around which you can detect a whole "constellation" Ancient monuments.

This is the second largest Athenian port, receiving passengers of ferries. Daily from here the ferries are sent to the islands Andros, Hydra, Lesbos and Limnos, as well as to the port of Marmari and Cimosteen on the island of Evie. Also on high-speed catamarans can be reached to Tinos Islands, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Amorgos.


Here is the world famous Marathon – Place one of the most important battles of the Greeks against the Army of the Persian Tsar Daria (490 g. to N. NS.). Grave hill Tymphos-Maratona, or Sorrow (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 3 euros) on which 192 Athenian is buried, it is still clearly visible from the main road between the Rafina and the modern village of Marathon (Maratonas, Marathonas).

5 km south rises the hill on which the Allies of Athenian died in the same battle is buried – Martachy, and north – ruins Pigido, who are considered the tomb of Miltiad (the leader of the Greeks in that battle) or victorious trophy.

Nearby is I Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 3 euros) with a small meeting of items from the point of battle and located nearby the cave Pan.


Near the port there are several cute sandy beaches, for example, Kokkino-Limanaki (Kokkino Limanaki), which is located 1.5 km from Rafina. The beach stretches in line with a picturesque stream under a spectal red rock. This is a quiet and clean place with several fish taverns and camping.

Cities of Greece Rafina

ChiƱas (Schinias) – one of the best beaches of attic. Long sandy beach surrounded by pines, is located 45 km north of Athens – in the southeastern Marathon, north of Rafina. Especially love its windsurfing fans. On the beach there is a surf club. From Athens I can get to the beach by bus.

South Rafins are interesting and a small town Vavron (Vavrona), who previously belonged to the mythical king of Kekrops – the founder of Athens. This is an interesting area with many cozy sandy beaches and an amazing sanctuary of Artemis.

Sand beach Porto Rafti (Porto Rafti) 35 km south of the capital, surrounded by small fish taverns and revived by cool streams, unfortunately, is also very crowded.

Reviews and studies of trips

Rafina – Island of Andros – Island of Mykonos – Pira

Where does the trip begins? Some – from watching photos of exotic places, from others – from the book read, and my trip began with the purchase of tickets … to the concert. Since he passed not far from Athens, it was necessary to go to Greece, in the midst of the season (from 26.07 to 02.08) And still think of what to do there in such heat in Athens. Read more →

Cities of Greece Rafina

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