Greece City: Parga

53 km south of Igumeenitz lies the thriving resort of the Parga (Parga), which is the center of the charming coastline with the Rocky Bay and Islands.

Parga has a special history that binds it with the Ionic Islands much more than with mainland Greece. From the XV to the XVIII century, the port was the only stronghold of the Venetians in Epiro (Staroslavl Word "Prag" means "threshold"), one of the centers of the Jewish community and a major center for the production of citrus, supplied from here to all countries of Western Europe. Later, Napoleonic troops for a short period captured the port, leaving behind the fort on a small island guarding the harbor. At the beginning of the XIX century, the city falls under the our protectorate and becomes a major center for export of olive oil, and then purchased by the British, who would not have been purchased for a long time to sell it Ali Pasha. This ruler restored all local castles, while the townspeople literally crowd fled from his dictate to the Ionian Islands, returning only with migrants from Greek colonies in Turkey in 1923.


Such a bright story of this tiny city left him a legacy a lot of monuments – an old center with beautiful mansions and mysterious vaulted passages, Venetian Castro Castro (open from 8.00 to 24.00; The entrance is free), several palaces (rather – mansions) Ali Pasha, running on the slope of the cocino mountain (534 m), as well as the old Muslim quarter Turkopazaro (The magnificent local mosque and minaret were demolished in the 1950s, but their foundations are still clearly visible). In addition, the unique Museum of Olives and Olive Oil, illuminating the entire history of this product. It is located in the 1929 building of the construction, which is the first in the city of Mechanical Maslodavill. During the excursion, visitors will learn all about the production of olive oil and the connection of olive and products from it with the history of the city.

Around the city

The coastline around the city is several consecutive bays separated by capes and stretching to the very mouth of Aheron. V Cygoneri Bay Lies a tiny island with monastery and Napoleon fortifications. A short walkway leads from Krionery’s berth to castles Ayia (actually lies between Anthusa and the very village of Ayia) and Trikorfo (3-5 km from the Pargi).

Beach rest

Tiny, but very beautiful beach Golfo stretches a little south-east, and near the city dock there is almost a kilometer beach Valtos, from which you can go to the beach of Likhnos from olive groves, from which Ios-Joanis is already handed to the deep bay. To many small secluded beaches can be reached by boat only.

City Beach Kionery (Krioneri Beach) lies in the heart of the party. Beach pebble, landscaped. On the territory – water sports, sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, bars and taverns. Topless is allowed.

Cities of Greece Parga

Valtos (Valtos) – the largest beach near the parga, 2 km from the city. Beach sandy. From here there is a stunning view of the ancient Venetian fortress and picturesque islands Paxos and Antipaxos, to which you can swim by boat. On the territory – water sports, water skiing, bars, restaurants, rescue service. Parking is allowed near the beach. In the season here is very crowded and quite a lot of more fun and motor boats that can interfere with swimming.

Lichnos (Lichnos) – beach 4 km from the parga. Beach partially pebble, partly – sandy, here is located "Aphrodite cave". Amazing water color transitions: from emerald green to light blue. On the territory – water sports, water skiing, boating walks, hotels, restaurant, bar, campsite.

Sarahiniko (Sarachinico) – remote (8 km from the city) Sand-in-pebble beach, to which is not too good dirt road. Beach landscaped, with sun beds and umbrellas (fee for use – about 2 euros for the subject). On site – water sports, restaurant, bar, camping, hotels. Water perfectly transparent. Parking is not too big. In August, the flow sometimes bring fragments of vegetation (algae, tina), preventing swimming.

Reviews and studies of trips

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