City of Greece: Paleokastritsa (Kerkira Island)

The only resort of the North-West coast of Kerkira – Paleokastrian (Paleokastritsa) – lies in the liapades bay and is considered the most picturesque on the island, while many scientists believe that Homeric Scery, whose seaside thrown over the sea, was located here (by and large Scelia in Ancient times the whole Kerkira called). Alkina, King Feakov and the ruler of the island, also helped to hide here from the revenge of the Khershov and Argonauts of Jason, and in his honor in Kerkira there was a special cult for a long time.


A kind of center of the village – a parking lot on the embankment from which you can go down to the largest (and least attractive) of the three shores of the resort with a wharf for maritime taxis and caircons. From here you can go on a boat to nearby marine caves, known as "Blue grotto" (2-3 euros for a half-hour trip), as well as to three neighboring shores – Ayia-Triande, Palatech and Alipa with their good beaches and snacks. The second beach, to the right from the parking lot, stony, but is famous for very clean water. But the best is still a small unspoiced shore with the center of water sports and the rocks by the rocks that can be achieved along the track from Astakos tavern. Rest in Paleokastric is suitable for active people, there are good opportunities for snorkeling and dive center.

Around the city

On the rocky shore above the village rises Monastery Teotoka (open from 7.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00; FREE LUDITY), dated XIII century. There is a magnificent museum of icons decorated with precious stones of the Bibles and other attributes of Orthodox church rituals, although the main point is monastic gardens with exciting views on the entire coast.

Strongly destroyed Castle angelokastro Lies on the Cape of the same name 6 km south, at the village of Krini (Krini), and is currently being restored. Nearby you can find excellent O Boulis taverns in Lakones, as well as Bella Vista and Golden Fox between Laprands and Macrades (Makradhes).

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Cities of Greece Paleokastritsa (Kerkira Island)

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Cities of Greece Paleokastritsa (Kerkira Island)

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