City of Greece: Nausa (Paros Island)

The second port of Paros – Naoussa (Naouussa) – lies in the north of the island and has long been turned into a spa town stretched along almost all the bay with modern hotels and all accompanying attributes.

The main reason to visit this region is a charming small port, where fishermen still produce octicors with antique methods, as well as the annual fish and wine festival (July 2 and 23), excellent Local Museum (Open daily from 9.00 to 13.30 and from 19.00 to 21.00; free entrance) in Monastery Ayos-Atanasios, Good shore and good nightlife.

Beach rest

Cities of Greece Nausa (Paros Island)

The best beaches of the area include PIPERE (just a few minutes walk to the west of the harbor of nasa), long Ayi-Anariiri east of the city as well Cape Griya On the northeast with its popular surfers in the shores Langeri and Santa Maria.

If you move along the east coast south, you can see a small seaside resort Ambalas (Ambelas) with a good beach and a small tavern, quite a modern tourist village Pisovo Livadi (Piso Livadhi), a few sand bays around the village Punda (Pounda) and another good seaside complex Chri-act (Khryssi Akti – "Golden Beach") with its own center of water sports.

Cities of Greece Nausa (Paros Island)

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