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Ancient Nafplion (NaFplio, Nauplia or Navplion) is quite sharply highlighted by its appearance among other Greek cities.

Scenicly spread along the Bay of the same name at the foot of Metherism Mountain (206 m.), filled with old houses of all styles, he literally exudes a little faded elegance, inherited since those days when the city was the capital of Greece (from 1829 to 1834.). According to Greek mythology, the city was founded by entangle – the son of Poseidon and Amymonov, in honor of which he received his name. In the mycke period, it was already a large port, which was the sea gate of Argold. It is believed that two fortresses that are decoration of the city today were founded in those days, – Palamidi and Acronaflia, although modern structures are built, of course, much later.


Main Fort Palamidi (Summer is open daily from 8.00 to 19.00; In winter – from 8.00 to 18.thirty; 4 euros) in its current form was built on the top of the Rocky Cape Venetsians in the XVII century and served as one of the key points of the Greek War for Independence. Now you can climb here only at 999 steps (in reality there are 890, the rest are simply destroyed) leading to three small castles (everyone is built by Venetians in 1711-1714.) and the ribbon of old walls, having a hill peak. The Greeks themselves attribute the foundation of the fortress to the legendary Palamidia – the inventor of the game in the bone, lighthouses and scaling systems, whose name was very readable in antiquity.

Lying a little west Fort Acronafpia It occupies an ancient Acropolis, the walls of which were adapted for defense three consecutive medieval perestroins. It has been preserved much better than his neighbor, although part of its structures has long been used under hotels and restaurants.

A business card of the city often consider not these impressive structures, but a tiny Fort Burzi (Bourtzi), which occupies Burdzion Island (Ayu-theodore), lying 500 meters from the shore. Also built in 1473 by the Venetians, he knew different times, but now used as expensive hotel and restaurant.

You can also explore former mosques Trianon (now here is a cinema), Vulefton (now the city council is sitting here) and Ayos-Eoros (This Venetian Catholic Church was first rebuilt by the Turks in the mosque, and then the Greeks in the Orthodox Church). Near the latter there are a couple of beautiful Turkish fountains, church Ayos Spiridon, At the steps of which John Capodistria was killed – our Foreign Minister (1816-1822.) and the first president of independent Greece (1827-1831.). And the Catholic Church on Potamianou Street, which also had a mosque for some time, decorated with a monument to all foreigners who died in the struggle for the independence of Greece, including Bairon.

Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 2 euros) occupies carefully renovated Venetian mansion in the western end of the street Syndagmatos. His meeting was formed from the finds from all over the Argold, there are also unique samples of ancient armor (including the famous and relatively complete set of Mycenaean Armor – the so-called "Pancir from Dedry", dated approximately 1400 BC. NS.) and carefully restored frescoes from tyaring.

Cities of Greece Nafplion

Beautiful Museum of Folklore Peloponnes (open from Wednesday Monday with 9.00 to 15.00, closed in February; 3 euros) on Vassileos Alexandhrou shows magnificent local embroidery, costumes and traditional home products from all over Greece. Also widely known city Military Museum (from Thursday to Sunday from 9.00 to 14.00; Entrance free) with an extensive collection of armament samples, uniforms and other memorabilities of the period of war for independence and civil war.

Beach rest

Most tourists are still going here to relax on the beaches of Nafplion Bay. Southeast of the city begins the resort area of ​​the bay Tolon (Tolo, 11 km from Nafplion) with its almost semolute hotels and guest houses, with nearby islands Fault (Platia), Rhondi (ROMVI), Castra Both Hydari (2 km northeastern Tolon). And in Nafplion itself there is own dive center.

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Nafplion. Whose journey was not

Nafplion – City on Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece, Capital Nom Argolid. One of the most picturesque cities of Greece. Population – 13,822 residents. The most important seaport in the east of Peloponnese. Read more →

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