Cities of Greece: Mandraki

Lying at the very northwest capital of Nisiros Island, Mandraki (Mandarakko) – deceptively large and very picturesque port, in the end of the literally of each alley of which the blue sea can be seen.

The narrow streets of old quarters are paved by wild stone and built up with very picturesque white buildings, whose brightly colored balconies and shutters are the business card of the whole island. If it were not for obviously kiche shops and mediocre taverns around the pier, the city would be very beautiful in itself, because still carries the appearance of a traditional Greek village, sandwiched between two locks.

Cities of Greece Mandraki

Knight’s castle XIV century with a little Panayia-Splials Monastery It was built as protection against infinite pirates and Saracin, because lying at the opposite end, for the area of ​​Langadak, old Fort Paleokastro (began to build in VII in. to N. NS.) by that time no longer accompanied all the inhabitants. Paleokastro, by the way, is considered one of the most undervalued ancient complexes of Greece – built in the area of ​​active techtonism, it is perfectly preserved for his age, which indicates the art of ancient architects better than any tables. Until now, you can freely climb the massive polygon of the ancient walls on a wide staircase, coming from still intact gates.

Cities of Greece Mandraki

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