Greece City: Lindos

The main decoration of the south-east of the island of Rhodes is undoubtedly an ancient city Lindos (Lindhos) lying on a barren peninsula 12 km south of Haraki.

Like the old city of Rhodes, his charm is pretty tied with crowds of tourists and excessive commercialization, and many old buildings have long been burned by Europeans and are restored to their taste, often without the slightest binding to the historical appearance of the city. Old agora Or winding main street of this ancient port almost disappeared under the onslaught of bars, restaurants and travel agencies. And although high-altitude hotels and all vehicles are prohibited here, the result was only the appearance of one more "Thematic Park" – roast and silent from June to August, but frighteningly deserted winter.


Lindos deserves attention to at least one of the centers of ancient civilization. Yes, and the very name of the village with her immaculately renovated buildings and post-citizen Church of Panayia With well-preserved frescoes of the XVIII century amazingly pleasant. The impressive mansions belonging to the captains of medieval shopping ships were built around picturesque courtyards, and their monumental doorways with a rich dietary decor are good by themselves.

You can visit the ancient acropolis With his Doric Temple of Athens and Hellenistic Portorik in the Knight’s Castle – a surprisingly successful mixture of ancient and medieval traditions.

Cities of Greece Lindos

Although the city itself and the port appeared at least 1100 before. NS., The preserved structures for the most part began to build in the VI century to N. NS., and then repeatedly complemented and rebuilt. On the spot forever filled with the people of the North Beach, which was located in a cozy little bay, once the largest trade port of the Mediterranean had noged, and in the South Acropolis of a small protected harbor, according to legends, in 58. NS. Apostle Paul landed, preaching Christianity on the island.


North of the city center stretched out the main city beach, very popular among families with children and, as a rule, a crowded. Clear and small beaches can be found south of the city.

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