Greece City: Larisa

The Administrative Center of the Fessiona and the fifth largest city of Greece, Larisa lies in the northern part of the plain, surrounded by mountain ranges from three sides.

According to local legends, the city was founded by Pelasgami long before the arrival of the Greeks on this land. Be that as it may, archaeological excavations show that people settled here at least two thousand years before the new era. The Pinos River pierces in the surrounding ridges a few gorges that are withdrawn to the Aegean Sea and in the inland areas of Fessiona and Epirus, therefore the city of the sincerversion was the major transport center of the country.

Sights Larisa

Despite such a rich past, the modern city has retained only a few historical monuments – Ancient Greek (III B. to N. NS.) and Roman theaters, ruin The temple of Athens, Fortress Frurio, planetarium, traditional Turkish market ("Befyless"), a few mosques and old mansions (Larisa suffered greatly from bombing of the Second World War, so out of 600 historical mansions survived a little more fifty). In one of the old mosques is not bad Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 2 euros) with the collection of exhibits from the era of Neolith to the Byzantine era. A Alkazar Park Near the main river of the Fessen region will provide shelter from summer heat.

Around Larisa

Approximately 2 km north of the city, in the gorge cut through Pinosom in the Olympus massif, you can visit the castle ruins Castetis Oreas ("The castle of an excellent virgin"), as well as a much better survived castle Platamonas (in the summer is open from Thursday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00; In winter – from Thursday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00; on weekends all year – from 8.30 to 15.00) – one of the crusaders’ outposts on the border with Macedonia. Now every summer is a festival of Olympa.

Cities of Greece Larisa

Country road from Castretis Oreas leads to a colorful coastal village Stomon (Stomio). The flood of 1950 has changed the riverbed of the river flowing into the sea north of the village, and for some 5 years there is a great sandy beach, framed by the swords and lime mountains. And the old direction turned into a small bird reserve, which is easily accessible from any coastal hotel.

South south is a coastal village Chain, famous for its colorful architecture and carved balconies leaving right on the sea.

Beach Larisa

Between the vetomion and cape Dermatas (dermaty) cool coastline is only occasionally interrupted by isolated bays with sandy beaches like Platis Ammo, Kutsupia or Paliuri, But further south the coast gradually decreases in the long, but rather inexpressive shores near the villages are Great, Sotnitsa and AoCambos.

Cities of Greece Larisa

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