Cities of Greece: Condias (Lemnos Island)

In the south of Lemnos Island, 11 km from Mirina, lies the third largest town of island – Condia (Kondias), literally squeezed between volcanic hills, the valley of the MTA river and the largest pine forest on the island.


Built from the characteristic local stone in the Middle Ages, now it is actively restored, and both the Greeks themselves and numerous foreigners who acquired housing, manage to preserve the ancient appearance of the city, so it still remains one of the most colorful in the region. The cultural center of the settlement is Art Gallery Pinakothiki Valkanikis Tekhnis / Balkan (Open daily, except Friday, from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 19.30 to 21.thirty; 2 euros) – the result of the realization of an interesting program, during which prominent painters from the entire Balkan Peninsula donated their work in this meeting.

Cities of Greece Kondias (Lemnos Island)

Around the city

Cam Condias can not boast the abundance of hotels and first-class taverns – most locals prefer to attend establishments Tsimandriya (Tsimandhria, 2.5 km east), Paleo-Pedine (Paleo Pedhino, 5 km north-east) and Na-Kutali (Nea Koutali, 1 km north of Paleo-Pedine), but the situation is changing quickly and here.

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