Greece Cities: Kalimnos

Essentially, almost all the islanders live in the capital – the town of Kalimnos, grew up around the ancient port of Pattia (Poty, Pothia), as well as in two green valleys, sandwiched between the three withdrawn the caves of mountain ranges. The capital of the island of Nois and is clearly overcoolesy (the second largest population city of southern sprays after Rhodes), but it remained the picturesque old quarter "On the backyards" Sorry zone, where so far you can see many elegant neoclassical buildings, traditionally painted in pink or ocher, with surprisingly large gardens and private workshops on the first floors.

It also works colorful Bazaar – Local masters have particularly succeeded in working with iron, and the whole city, in addition to the most modest housing in the East District of Evangenistria, decorated with polished decorative railings, handrails of balconies and characteristic fraumugas.

The best local museums – Municipal navigation and Folklore (open daily from 10.00 to 13.00; 1.5 euros) – lie by the sea from the side of the Cathedral of Christ. It is here that you can see primitive breathing apparatus and "Cells", used by local lips sponges. For many years there is a new outline to rather ordinary Archaeological Museum In Eavangelistria (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.00 to 14.00), which has, nevertheless, a rich collection of Roman and Byzantine antiquities.

Cities of Greece Kalimnos

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Museum of sea miracles

This small museum is located on Kalimnos, and all the laurels need to be addressed to his ideological inspirer, creator and owner. Stavros Walsamidis – Diver, who spent all his life in the sea Read more →

Cities of Greece Kalimnos

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