Greece City: IOS

The capital of the island is the town of IOS, or Choir, – located just 20 minutes on foot from the port and is one of the most affordable and picturesque cities of the archipelago.

Its snow-white and cream houses, arcades of lanes and carefully renovated chapels look extremely picturesque, they do not even spoil the numerous tattoes and knit shops, they are in abundance, then there, then there. The main road divides the town into two parts – running on the left side of the Old Town and younger residential neighborhoods on the right slope.


In the old part of the city there are excellent Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; 2 euros) in the complex of the former town hall, open Theater of Odise-Elite Behind as old windmills, as well as Irini Eiia Church with picturesque white walls and blue domes.


Numerous discos, clubs, restaurants and bars are scattered throughout the city – both in the old and in its new part. Most cozy small bars hide in the narrow streets of the old part and are famous for the most authentic atmosphere, while large and modern dance floors are concentrated closer to the port and the main road.

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