Greece City: Ierapetra

Ierapetra (IeRapetra) – a noisy modern agricultural center, quite boring, even despite the ongoing modernization program, which cleared the city center from the dilapidated houses and updated the embankment.

Although the port itself exists here with Roman times, only guarding the harbor Venetian Fort and rushing Turkish minaret remain a reminder of his former glory. And few finds are collected in the territory of a little old-fashioned Archaeological Museum with one and only room (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.thirty; 2 euros) near the post office.

Around the city

For a rest, a rather long beach is perfectly suitable here. A rather long beach a few kilometers east of the city feature, towards the village of Kutsunarion, as well as Island Gaidroni (Gaidhouronisi, Xrisi or Chrissi), lying 16 km from the coast. This uninhabited land of sushi long just 4 km is famous for the beautiful cedar forest and incredible "Beach Rakushki", really covered millions of multi-axle shells. Boats come here daily at 10.30 and 12.30 (returned to 16.00 and 19.00; 20 euros) from the harbor, and the flight itself to the island takes 50 minutes.

Cities of Greece Ierapetra

Also a lot of good, although small beaches can be found to the west of the city, and in the southern spurs of the Disti Range there are several stunning beautiful landscapes, through which the beautiful trekking trail is laid (part of the composition of the name of the pan-European pedestrian route E4).

Reviews and studies of trips

Attraction to which tourists will not be lucky. And they themselves will unlikely

Located in the south of Crete, the Ierapetra is considered to be the most southern among European resorts. Here, precipitation is extremely rare, and there are no strong winds. Read more →

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