City of Greece: Idra (Island of Idra)

The city and port of Idra lies on the shore of the same name, separating the island from the mainland and Cape Metohion.


Rows of majestic mansions made of gray stone and more modest white houses with tiled roofs, terraces running up from the perfect horseshoe harbor, form a unique panorama of the city of Idra. Mansions along the coastline were built during the XVIII century on trading income with America and France during the Napoleonic Wars – the Fleet of the Idra at that time was one of the few not submitted "International sanctions". In addition, the islanders then had a special relationship with the Ottoman port and did not pay any taxes, in return, providing the fleet of Sultan by sailors and courts. And at the same time, practically everywhere in the harbor can be found tools and statues of the heroes of the war of independence, reminiscent of the role of iders in history – almost a third of the captains of the Greek vessels of that period were immigrants from this island.

Among the most picturesque buildings of the city are two Kunduriothis Mansion (one on each side of the city), towering on the slope above the port Historic Konduriothisa Lazarus Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.00 to 16.00; 4 euros), Historical Museum Archive (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.30 to 17.00; 4 euros), Art Center Melina Mercury Next door, Ayia-Triassic Monastery, and Church Kimisistis-Teotoku With a good noticeable day from a clock tower and a secluded inner courtyard, placing small Spiritual Museum (from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00; 2 euros).

Cities of Greece Idra (Idra Island)

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