Cities of Greece: Hermupolis (Syros Island)

The main city and the port of Ermupolis (Ermoupoli, Ermoupolis) – one of the most beautiful in the kikladakh.

Although the city itself is very young (it was founded during the war of the independence of Greece with refugees with Psary and Chios), his neoclassical center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the most vivid examples of the new time architecture. Now this is the largest city and the capital of Cyclades, crowded two hills on the eastern shore of the island, around Syros Bay.

Long Central Platia Platia Miaouuli Named in honor of the admiral of the period of war for independence (his statue and stands in the center) and in the evenings turns into a noisy center of the cultural life of the city – so far adults go on numerous shops and galleries, children ride a carousel.

Up the stairs to the left Town Hall, Located small Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; The entrance is free) with three separate halls dedicated to the finds with Syros, Paros and Amorgos. Leeper Clock tower The stairs lead to the top, to the hill of VarduDado, on which the so-called Orthodox Quarter spread out. Wonderful Church of Anastasis With its dome-shaped roof and beautiful views of the entire district crowds the top point of this area. Below, a little east of the main square, is Apollo Theater – Accurate copy of Milan "La Scala", a little further – beautiful Hyos-Nikolaos Church and the quarter of the rich mansions of the WPP.

Cities of Greece Hermupolis (Syros Island)

In a higher northwestern hill, an inflamed medieval quarter of Anos Syros was spread out, which was the catholic part of the island (to the mass resettlement of Orthodox Greeks from other Catholics islands, was most of the local population, and the city itself is still conditionally divided into Orthodox and Catholic communities ). Here you can see several Catholic churches below Cathedral of St. George, Orthodox and Catholic cemeteries (quite interesting objects, by the way, grew around the mausoleums of rich vessels of antiquity), Art Museum of Marcos Vimbakaris (Open daily from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 19.00 to 22.00; 1.5 euros) and Byzantine Museum In the complex of the old monastery.

Slightly west of the city, 1.6 km along the road leading from the pier to the town of Kinion (Kinion, Kini), is located Industrial Museum, telling about the history of shipbuilding, mining industry and other sectors of the island economy.

Cities of Greece Hermupolis (Syros Island)

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