Greece City: Edez

The best starting point to the green mountainous regions of North-West Macedonia, the town of Edes (Edressa) lies in 80 km north-west of thessalonik.


The main decoration is numerous aquatic streams running from the slopes of Vreaming and Vorace ridges and several waterfalls for almost within the city.

The most beautiful quarter – Varosi – Lies on the cliffs just west of waterfalls. His old factories and houses in a typical Balkan style part are well restored and give a special flavor around the area. Part of the old industrial site is repaired and turned into the so-called Outdoor Water Museum, which among other things includes an unusual freshwater aquarium (open from Wednesday Monday with 10.00 to 18.00; 2 euros). Several urban churches and chapels are also quite picturesque, but the only real worthwhile point in the city is a delightful small Museum of Folklore (open from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00; 1.5 euros) near the church of Ayia-Paraskevi on Megalou Alexandhrou Street.

Around the city

West Edea worth visiting a beautiful mountain village Nymphio (NYMFEO) with its old stone buildings, for the most part rebuilt in excellent hotels and guest houses, Lake Vegoritis (Kels) and, of course, rich in a bird Lake Presup on the border of Greece, Albania and independent Macedonia.

In the Byzantine era, the lake press was the place of reference to the abominable authorities of the aristocrats, so his surroundings had a rather cuddled and bloating appearance, and in later the Middle Ages it turned into something among the fashion resort and the citadel of all sorts of renegades. After the Civil War 1947-1949. These edges were almost forgotten, only from the late 1970s, the beautiful surroundings of the lake began to revive again, but already in the form of a center for rural tourism and outdoor activities. And although the proximity of Albania and gives these edges a certain halo of the frontier, created in 1971, the National Park allows you to get acquainted with one of the most authentic eco bement of the Balkans. In the lakes (the press in reality is a circuit of reservoirs) there are 12 endemic types of fish, wolves and foxes live here in abundance, but this region has received this region as an excellent bird nature reserve – only 23 species are fixed here, and for white and Dalmatian pelicans This is one of the few remaining natural sites.

You can also visit the village Ayos-Ermanos With two tiny Latezantine churches and a good news center of the National Park, on the beach Kula between the pools immediately press and micra-prespa, on the island Ayos-Achilias with Ayos-Achilios monasteries (VII-IX centuries., Now it is dilapidated) and Panayia-Porpharas (XVI in.), as well as in the village Psaraz (Nivitsa) with its old houses of obviously Slavic style.

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