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The main decoration of the north-western region of Greece is the town of Castoria (Kastoria, sometimes – Castoria), lying on the shore of the same name Lake 72 km south-west of Edea and 25 km south of perspective.

Located on a hilly and wooded peninsula, far away in the water of the lake, Castoria is considered one of the most interesting and attractive cities in mainland Greece. For centuries, he was a major European Commercial Fur Commerce; And although local wild beavers ("Castor" Greek) were completely knocked out by the middle of the XIX century, the city itself is still famous for its speeds and supplies a mass of high-quality leather and fur products to other countries. For most visitors, however, the main attractiveness of the city is a lot of luxurious "Archondric" – mansions of old masters-mehovers and whole guilds dating from the period of the XVII-XIX centuries.


The most beautiful area of ​​the city – Caridis (Delto) – stretched right along the lake. Here you can see an excellent family mansion Ayvazis (XVII in.), turned into our days in Museum of Folklore (open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00, on Sundays – from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00; 2 euros) nearby mansions Basaras and Nazis, fabulous Museum of traditional costume On Platia Doltso (free), Byzantine Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; Login free) on Platia Dhexamenis, excellent churches frescoes Ayos Nikolaos (XII B.) and Panayia-Kumbelidiki (X-XV centuries.), and Monastery of Milotisa with churches of the XI-XIV centuries in the southeastern tip of the peninsula.

Around the city

On the southern shore of the lake, in the village Dispillao (Dhispilion, 5 km from Castoria), in 1992 the ruins of a prehistoric settlement, dated approximately 5500-5000 before. NS. Among the numerous archaeologists open archaeologists, there were many homework objects and even fragments of wooden tablets containing, as it is believed to be the inscriptions with an early linear letter – one of the oldest in Europe. Now there is a small Ecological Museum (Open daily from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00; 3 euros) with a collection of objects with excavations.

In addition, the region of the Castoria has strong traditions of rowing, and many European teams come here to compete on the calm waters of the lake. However, the lake itself was noticeably injured from human activity, and its water can not be called particularly clean, so it is recommended to swim here only in specially reserved places. But the birds from the territory of the nearby National Park flies many, and admire the noisy bird markets can be almost from any place.

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