Greece City: Armenistis

Most visitors of the island of Ikaria are definitely visited by the town Armenistis (Armenistis, 51 km from Ayos Kirikos through Evdilos).

This small resort is located in the north-west of Ikaria, on the edge of the largest forest massif on the island, and has two huge sandy shores Livadi and Mealti (five and fifteen minutes walk east respectively). Despite the fact that the sea here is often restless, and away from the shore there are strong currents, this is the best beach area on the island. Local residents themselves consider this area a beautiful place of Ikaria, "equally open and sun, and moon".

Armenistis was originally a port of four inland villages – Ayos Dimitrios AYIOS DHIMITRIOS), Ayos-polycarpos (Ayios Polykarpos), Kastanis (Kastanies) and Christ (Khristos), which still retain their ancient appearance. Some scientists even believe that the local dialect has been preserved unchanged since Homer. Islanders themselves call these edges "Sleepy villages", Since many locals really sleep almost until noon, and after 16.00 are removed on the siesta to 20.00, after which up to two or three hours of nights lead an active lifestyle. However, most villages west of Evdilos adhere to the same "graphics", Open by ignoring all the decrees of the central authorities to bring the routine of the day in line with the rest of Greece. Therefore, this nickname for them is not at all offensive and even on the contrary – is something like the subject of legal pride.

Here they make specific homemade wine, famous all over the island.

Cities of Greece Armenistis


Numerous trails stretching between mountain villages and coast, good for hiking excursions. More trained travelers prefer to go to the mountains – to Canyon Halaris With his historical Lupaster bridge, To ruin The temple of Artemis Tauropolese (V B. to N. NS., 3 km west of Armenistis), to the mountains Cooking (926 m) and Provociewext (1011 m), to the old Tragostasion monasteries or to the tiny fishing port Magganitis (Manganitis) on the southern shore.

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