Greece City: Amorgos

The capital of Amorgos Island is the town of Amorgos, or Choir, – lies in the southeast coast of the island.


This is one of the best of all the preserved ancient settlements of Cyclades, whose chapels, churches (as many as 32 pieces!), Venetian fortifications of the XIII century and windmills have been preserved almost in pristine. From the rocky top of Profitis-oras (690 meters) wide paved roads of the Venetian style (they are even called it to the Italian manner – "Calderymy") run down to the main attraction of the city – the current Monastery Ozokovisas (Hozuliotis, XI-XIII centuries., Open daily from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00; Login is free, but donations for the temple are expected).


Roads bring to good beaches Ayia-Ana, Bay Cambia (Popular nudist beach), adjacent shores Notina, Mose and Pulopi. Like most southern shores of Amorgos, they are chisty and are famous for calm water, although the bottom of the bottom in some cases here is quite serious.

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Cities of Greece Amorgos

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Cities of Greece Amorgos

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