UK City: Windsor

Lying 35 km west of the center of London Ancient City Windsor (Windsor) – the place of placement of the same name Castle (Windsor Castle), considered the oldest and largest inhabitable complex of this kind in the world.

This summer residence of British monarchs was laid by the Wilhelm itself conqueror in about 1070, but the modern appearance acquired mainly at the beginning of the XIX century. The queen and members of her family spend most of their time here (still – the name of the city is currently in the title of the ruling dynasty), but most of the premises of the complex itself, as well as the surrounding luxurious Big Windsor Park Windsor Great Park, 20 kV. km) open to visit. Here you can see the gates of King Henry VIII (main entrance to the castle), baroque state-owned apartments with a rich collection of paintings, the magnificent Hall of St. George and the anniversary garden (defeated in honor of the Golden Anniversary of the Queen), Capella Saint George and the upper and lower chambers complex, And also visit the Frogmore House estate, famous for its park with the tomb of Queen Victoria, her spouse and mother.

Cities of Great Britain Windsor

In the windsor itself it is worth considering urban Town Hall with unusual columns, visit the local Legoland ( or go to the other coast of Thames, where the town famous for its prestigious college is located Eton (Eton).

9 km south of Windsor lies the city Ascot (Ascot) who has received wide fame due to its ASCOT RACECOURSE hippodrome, at which the prestigious ROYAL ASCOT races are held in late June, as well as Manor Tittenchurst Park (Tittenhurst Park), in which John Lennon lived, Yoko, Ringo Star and located the legendary audio recording studio Ascot Sound (it was here that the album IMagine was recorded).

Cities of Great Britain Windsor

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