Great Britain: Lemington

Until 1800 Lemington, Barwick county, was a small village. Although his mineral waters were known in the Middle Ages, but the landscaping of Rodnikov and the construction of a bath around them was started only in 1784. And already in 1810, it was discovered that the erected buildings simply do not fit all those who wish to adopt to healing sources.

From now on, the history of the new city began, which today is famous for the healing effect produced on rheumatic patients and suffering from joints. Also here are going to be treated from the consequences of paralysis and disorders of the motor system. Local waters (ferrused sulphide and chloride sodium) are widely used to treat urological problems (chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis, urolithiasis, urolithiasis diates).

At that time, when Lemington was the Royal Resort, magnificent closed parks were broken here, the main requirement for which their creators considered "Beauty of Promenade". So today, even the most notable guests of Lemington can admire royal species.

Cities of Great Britain Lemington

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Cities of Great Britain Lemington

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