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Little fishing village Brighton (Brighton) turned the attention of the crown in 1724, when most houses were washed away with a powerful storm and the orphaned residents appealed to the government for help. Money was allocated, and new buildings were erected on bulk shores. And in 1750, Brighton was again "Open" Dr. Richard Russell. He informed Britain that the sea air is good for health, especially the healing properties possessed, according to Dr., it was Brighton’s air. So in almost one night, Brighton turned from a provincial town to a trendy resort for representatives of higher light.

During residence in Brighton Prince Georg (future George IV), the city was equipped with special "Bathing machines", who delivered "Beachnikov" To the coast. In addition, several unique buildings in Chinese and Indian style built for the Prince. You can see them to this day.

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In Brighton there is a unique Western Pier – one of two purses in the UK made to official lists of historical and architecture monuments as an object number one. Its proportions, style and forms are exceptional. Built in 1866 by Evgeny Bärch, at first Pierce was just a promenade. Then there were arbors, theater, and then a concert hall for 1400 people. In the 20s of the 20th century, the pier had even his own orchestra. In 1975, Pierce was closed, and in 2003 – heavily suffered from fire. Now the Government of Britain reflects on the restoration of his heritage.

Another attraction of Brighton is pub "Brighton brewing company Bertie and Belchercher offers to enjoy beer in "Hedgehog and boocle", what in khov, and not where-nibut". For the name of such a PAB length is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Municipal beaches pebble and sandy, for their cleanliness almost fanatically. Beaches are free. Tax on the use of umbrellas and sun beds is indicated at the entrance to the beach. Money collects employee coming.

But actually swimming is not the main entertainment of Brighton. The road from the beaches to the old town is a real exhibition of works of folk craftsmen. Here you can buy a variety of souvenirs and baubles, visit the fishing museum, sit in a cozy cafe and bars.

The coast provides a varied assortment of aquatic entertainment – yachts, catamarans, fishing, tourist water trips. On the embankment, you can rent skates, play Petanque, run the air snake or just arrange a romantic picnic. The beautiful marine aquarium is located here.

Opportunities for organized recreation Provides Brighton Marina – Entertainment seaside complex, city in the city with bowling, cinema, pools, shops, many restaurants and pubs, from which scenic views of the harbor are opening. Marina – the house is more than for thousands of ships. Elegant millionaire yachts coexist here with collapsible "workers", who just made around the world swimming. If you are a diving amateur – you will be offered to make immersion to the wrecks of military courts.

Every year in May in Brighton runs the largest art festival in Britain (since 1967). Brighton is also known as one of the largest and most striking gay resorts in the south of Great Britain.

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