Cities of French Polynesia: Papeete

The capital of the island and the entire territory of French Polynesia – the city of Papeete (Papeete), is located on the north-west coast of Tahiti.

The administrative center of French Polynesia has a population of only 70 thousand. man and is "The most European" from all settlements of the country. Only the abundance of palm trees and visible from all over the ocean, allow you to visually attract it to the tropics.

There are a lot of offices, clinics, banks, travel agencies and shops, here constantly boils business life, something is built, noise kilksons in traffic jams, yachts and cruise liners come and move away, somewhere the music of the next holiday or the noise of the Crowd of Sports Competition. The city deserves to stay here at least half a day and get acquainted with his sights.

The undoubted interest is visiting the area of ​​T’At, where all cultural events of the capital are held – this audience is specifically built for various ceremonies and accommodates up to 5,000 people. Almost all government agencies are located in Bruate-Avenue – the office of the High Commissioner office, several ministries and the presidential palace of French Polynesia. Bougainville Park framed the building of the main post office, and the statue of Pool’s Paurana – "Spiritual Father" Internal autonomy, as well as Polynesian Territorial Assembly.

A little further on the shore, the main trading area of ​​Papeete – Vaima Center, which concentrated many shops, bars, restaurants and T. D. Behind the Vaima Center, the Cathedral of Notre Dame-Papeete, built in 1875, and restored in the late 90s. Missi-District, Center of the Catholic Church of the French Polynesia, the center of the Bishop (XVIII V is one of the oldest buildings in the city) begins behind the cathedral.

In the direction of the city center, it is possible to detect the beach of Sigon – the center of rowing sports, and a little right – the Church of Paofia (1990) – the main center of Protestantism on Tahiti and the largest in French Polynesia. Excellent Botanical Garden Harrison Smith, Garden Mataoa, Rich Museum of Tahiti and Islands, with its extensive assembly of cultural and historical exhibits, Museum of Ocean "Lagunarium" In Punaauia, Museum du-Cukilage, the famous Museum of Gauguen (just a small hut with the works of the artist), as well as the richest Taiti-Pearl Center, where the rarest samples of the famous local black pearls are collected ("Pinctada Margaritifera").

Cities of French Polynesia Papeete

Papeete shopping district is an extensive territory in a quarter from the coast, on the territory of the old Chinese village. All this huge territory is built up with shops, shops and trays, on which you can buy literally all, starting with fruits and flowers, and ending with seafood and handicraft products. In the middle of this picturesque confusion, a new two-storey central market Papeete (area of ​​7000 sq. m) – the market of the market was built in 1987, but it almost repeats the architecture "Old Market", Built in this place in 1860. It is believed that the Papeete market remains one of the few places where the genuine polynesia can be seen.

On the high hills around the city spread out colorful residential areas, surrounded by tropical gardens and miniature parks. The most picturesque places are the slopes of Peak Rouge, Sant Ameli, Orovini and Mison. If you move from Papeete to the East, you can find the Mamao Hospital and the Old Chinese Temple, still protected by two dragons.

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Cities of French Polynesia Papeete

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