Cities of France: Yer

Lying 15 km east of Toulon Toulon Yer (Hyeres), which is often called the Jero, then Irase, – the oldest resort on Côte d’Azure, among the veneers of which were Queen Victoria, and Lion Tolstoy.

The city has grown out of the ancient Greek settlement of Olbia, which appeared on the site of the Phoenician settlement, and is even mentioned at Strabo. The tourist boom of the 20th century almost did not change his appearance, since the characteristic element of the resorts of the azure coast – the coastal promenade – there is practically no. However, the jer is one of the most green cities in the region, in the vicinity of which in a huge amount is grown by another indispensable "participant" Local landscape – palm trees, and more than 100 thousand of them goes to export every year. Surrounded by a wall of the medieval quarter picturesquely sprinkles on the slopes of the hill Caste, contacting the underlying below, at the shores of the sea, the modern city of the old gate.


Historic monuments of the city it is customary to consider medieval gates Port Masillon, Picturesque Square Provencal with terraced cafe and tower Tour-des-Templar (XII B., Now here is a gallery of contemporary art), the former university Saint-Paul Church and church Saint Louis Monastery (XIII B.), exotic gardens around the mansion Castel Saint Claire (Now there is an office of the National Por-Cro Park), asked by amazing colors Saint-Bernard Park, Villa Noailles (now – Gallery of contemporary art) and dilapidated Saint-Bernard Castle (XI B., It was he who was the center of the medieval city) a little west, as well as typical for the region Avenue Iles-d’or and Guener-de-Gaulle Boulevard, Radic attached palm trees.

Also worth a visit Archaeological site Olbia In Almanarre, opened from April to September from Saturday, on Wednesday – from 15.00 to 18.00, on Thursday and Friday – from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 15.00 to 18.00; Entrance – 4.6 euros), which is the ruins of an ancient Greek city, as well as Roman and medieval buildings, including Saint-Pierre de L’Almanar Abbey. Or stroll through the famous with their cactus and palm trees Fardin-Olbius Rickier Park (Open daily from 7.30 before sunset, the entrance is free). Here there is a small zoo and a miniature railway for children.


Cities of France Yer

The beaches adjacent to the city are little suitable for swimming, but the shore has an old fishing Port Les Salin D’ (Les Salins d’Hyeres) and east more complies with generally accepted quality standards.

Around the city

Directly opposite the Yera lie the Yershie Islands (Iles d’Hyeres) – Porkerol, Por-Kro and Levan.

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