Cities of France: Villar de Lan

Small town Villar de Lan (Villard de Lans, 42 km south-west Grenoble, WWW.VILLARDDELS.COM) Located on the Western Slopes of the Range Pre-found Dauphine and Array Egl (Massif de L’Aigle, 1050 m) and is the center of the Regional Natural Park Vercors (Vercors), "Capital" VILLARD DE LANS – Corrence and at the same time – famous mountain resort, which is famous not only to its slopes, but also excellent opportunities for organizing summer holidays and ecological tourism. A special charm of the town gives his relative isolation – you can only get here on the picturesque gorge from the north, from all other parties he fenced with mountain ranges and the gorges of five more rivers!

Zone of Catania Willar de Lan lies on the Western mountains of the Grande Moucherolle Mountain (2285 m), at altitudes from 1160 to 2285 meters. 39 trails are laid here with a total length of 130 km (38% – "Green" and "blue", 37% – "Red" and 23% – "Black"). The characteristic feature of the resort is the beauty of his slopes passing on canyons, pine forests and a rocky mini-plateau, although many traverses are too commonly and quite tedious for intersection. The slopes here – literally for every taste and, although many of them can not boast a large length, very diverse on the relief. The lower sections usually have an artificial abnormality and carefully "Trambed" randics, but at the top there are a lot of virgin sections and rigid fibils (the climate here is noticeably wetter than in the Alps, and therefore snow falls a lot).

The most interesting sites are located in the Correncon area – Clos de La Balmes (the longest descents with a drop of heights up to 900 m) and Le Grand Buisson, interesting and "Black" Runs in the canyon area and semisotmeter track LE POURTON with a bias of 30-35 degrees. For beginners good slopes near the village of Le Balcon and at the bottom of the Correncon area – Clos de la Balmes. Fans of inclusive skating will find great areas in wooded areas on the slopes of the Corencon area.

The tracks are serviced by 29 lifts (20 bugly, 7 chairlings and 2 cabins) with a sufficiently high bandwidth (9000 people per hour), so there are practically no queues here (however, the resort itself is difficult to call a crowded). Lower slopes are serviced 245 snow guns. Baby gardens work (1.5-3 years), several ski schools (including for children from 3 to 12 years old) and sports clubs, school ice climbing, a small snowpark in Colline-Des-Bains, 160 km of flat skiing and pedestrian trope.

After skiing, you can visit the pool, water park with slides, rink, bowling, casino, fitness center, cinema, many bars, restaurants and cafes. However, a factor characteristic of this resort is the concentration of most entertainment establishments in Villar de Lana, and many hotels are located much closer to the slopes, including the villages like Le Balcon (Le Balcon) and Corrancon en. Vercors). At the same time, in Villar de Lan, a good selection of places for all levels, but the lifts will have to reach the bus (5-7 minutes drive).

Cities of France Villar de Lan

Like a nearby Le-Set-Lo, Villar de Lan refers to the number of inexpensive resorts – the cost of Ski-Pass Espace Villard-Correncon for adults is about 105-120 euros for 6 days for an adult and 90-117 euros for children, One-day – from 17 to 29 euros, depending on the duration of the riding. There is an extensive system of discounts and special offers. In more detail with the tariff net, you can find on the website of the resort WWW.VILLARDDELS.COM / WWW-FORFAITS NORDIQUE-241-HIVER-UK-GEN.HTML.

The nearest airports are Grenoble (Lyon St Expery, 130 km) and Lyon (Lyon St Exupery, 130 km), and from the Grenoble itself to the slopes can be reached literally for half an hour along the N532 and D531 freeway, and from Lyon (on roads A43 and RN532 ) – for one and a half or two hours. The train can be reached from any city in the country through Grenoble (TGV Paris Grenoble Line), from which regular buses go to the resort.

The resort is open from the first decade of December to the beginning of April. However, the features of the microclimate on the plateau determine the abundance of snow in the period from mid-December until the end of March, and at the beginning and end of the season there are problems with snow.

Cities of France Villar de Lan

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